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Francis Perkins
"Became secretary of labor, a job she held until 1945."(pg.643)
New Deal
"Propsals and programs adopted by president Franklin Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression;included social and econmic programs and changes in government regulation."(pg.1032)
Fire Side Chats
Every ones and a while president Franklin Roosevelt would go on the radio and tell the people not to worry about the Great Depression and to go on with their regular lives.
Civil Works Administration
"It gave the unemployed jobs in building or improving the roads."(pg.641)
Emergency Bank Act
When there was a "bank holiday when all of the banks were closed and than people could no longer make withdrawls.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
It insured the American people up to $5,000 in the bank.
Indian Reorganization Act
It gave the Native Americans their money for their tribal land back, because the Dawes Act took their land and sold it right out from under them.
Hundred Days
"The first hundred days of president Franklin roosevelt's term. He helped relief by creating jobs and simulating ecnomic recovery." (pg.640)
Civilian Conservation Corps.
"The government gave unmarried males jobs in park maintenance and working on beaches and in the forest."(pg.641-642)
National Industrial Recovery Act
"Allowed trade association to draw up codes to regulate wages."(pg.642)
Federal Securities Act
"Required full disclosure about stock offered for sale."(pg.642)
Securities and Exchange Commission
"Regulated the stock market."
Francis Perkins
"Became a secretary of labor,a job she held until 1945."(pg.643)