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Public Works Programs
government -funded projects to build public facilities
Political right
Those who want to preserve a current system or power structure ( the wealthy were among these people)
National debt
total amount of money the federal government has borrowed and has yet to pay back
Sit-down strikes
workers stop work and refused to leave the premises
Social Security Act
Provided old-age pensions for workers; survivors' benifits for victims of industrial accidents; unemployment and aide for dependent mothers and children, disabled
Wagner Act
National Labor Relations Act passed by congress in July 1935. Spying on union activities and blacklisting
Mary McLeod Bethune
Held highest position of any black woman in the new deal. One oft the most influential spokespersons for African American concerns
Political Left
Seeks governmental change, sometimes radical change as a way to help the common people
New Deal critics who chaismatic leaders who manipulate people with half truths, deceptive promises and scare tactics
Frances Perkins
Secretary of labor. First women to hold a cabinet position
Eleanor Roosevelt
FDR's wife and most important colleagues. She held her own press confrences and traveled for FDR