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Wagner act
National labor relations act of 1935 Leaglazed unnion practices such as collectice bargaining and the closed shop and outlawed certain antiunion practices such as blacklisting
Pack Supreme Pack
FDR tried to put to many justices in the court to gain control
Hawley-Smoot tariff
Import tax levied in 1930 the highest in us history produced the oppisite of its intended effect when international trade slowed
Buying on margin
Practice of buying stocks by paying 10- 50% of the full price and borrowing teh rest common in the 1920's before teh stock market crash of 1929
1st 100 days in office
FDR pushed program after program through congress to provide relief create jobs and stimulate the economic recovery
Natiolan industrial recovery act june 1933 sought to bolster prices and help bus. and the individual
Social Security Act
look at tims card
Gross national product the total anual value og goods and services a country produces
Failures of New Deal
women were and minorites were at a disadvanged, put nation into sever debt to much $$$ used