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21st Amendment
ending prohibition
Dust Bowl
*drought and dust storms that took place in the Great Plains
*farmers were forced to migrate to California to work on farms as laborers
Election of 1932
*everyone deserted Hoover and voted against the Republican policies
*FDR won by a huge margin-7million popular votes
Treatment of minorities
*NRA permitted lower wages for women's work
*No person of color received a job at professional level
Crash of 1929
*Stock market closed on October 23
*bankers pooled money to buy stocks to stop the panic
*On October 29, Black Tuesday, 16.4million shares were sold
*Overall losses- $30 billion
Economy of 1920's(early to mid 20s)
*time of prosperity
*social and political developements
*new developements in communications and transportation
Effects of crash
*people lost their jobs and were put out on the streets
*banks closed because people were unable to pay off loans and many were withdrawing all the money they could
*US was unable to help other nations pay off war debts
Causes of Crash
*people getting loans for things they couldnt afford
*Rederal Reserve system had cut intrest fates to spur economic growth
*money was unevenly distributed
*industry produced more goods than consumers wanted or could afford
Hoovers economic plan
increase wages for workers