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buy on margin
people paid a fraction of the price 10% to 50% and borrowed the rest.
21st Amendment
end to national hypocristy and as a curb on gangsters who prospered from bootlegging.
mocking the president whom people blamed for the crisis.
taking chances in the stock market became widespread.
security for loans to buy more stocks.
welfare capiltalism
employers raised wages and provided benifits.
reconstruction finance corporation
Hoover gave the government credit to banks so that they coulde extended loans.
called for gradual social and economic changes rather than revolution.
hawley-smoot tariff
the highest import tax in history. The Congress tried to protect domestic industries from foreign imports.
bonus army
bonus marchers were generally peaceful but had few violence over the government.
John Maynard Keynes
he had a theory of that massive government spending could help a collapsing economy and encourage more private spending.
norman thomas
won the presdential election.
dow jones industrial average
an average of stock prices of leading industries.
Franklin Delano roosevelt
followed a family tradition of political and social activism.
installment buying
people purchase expensivew items and pay for them with intrest over many months.
father divine
opened soup kitchens that fed hungry thousands every day.
scotterboro boys
9 Afrcian Americans was charged of raping two white women.
emire state building
a dramatic symbol of hope is the largest building in nyc.
real wages
what money could actually buy increased more than 40%.
Eleanor Roosevelt
he set up an unemployment commision and a relief administration.
the gross national product
the total annual value of goods and services a country produces.