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the Transi-military supplies suddenly dried up
Seattle general strike
600 workers left there jobs to partie
Boston police strike
formed a union to seek better pay and working conditions
United mine Worker Strike
400,000 workers walked out of mines
Red Scare
a response to the 1917 revolution in Russia
A. Mitchell Palmer
a bomb damaged his house; general
Palmer raids
raids ordered by A. Mitchell Palmer on suspected racial organization.
Nicola Sacco
a shoe maker
Bartolomeo Vanzetti
peddled fish from a pushcart
Warren G. Harding
He ran for a pro-business platform that promised tax recision, higher tariffs, limits on immigration, and some aid to farmers.
Andrew Mellon
Believed that government should not interfere with the economy except to aid business
Charles Dawes
he set out to eliminate debt by slashing spending.
Fordney- McCumber Tariff Act
This law pushed tariff rates on manufacture goods to an all time high
John L. Lewis
The newly elected president of the UMW
the combining of two or more companies, took place in the era
American Plan
supported union-free open shops
women's rights activists
Equal Rights Amendment
Proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee women's rights by outlawing discrimination based on gender
Mary Anderson
directpr of the U.S. Women's Bureau, was one of the opponents of the ERA who heard that the amendment would make such legislation unconstitutional
Teapot Dome scandal
the most notorious episode of corruption during the Harding administration, became news in 1924
Albert Fall
Secretarty of the Interior, who had persuaded Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby to transfer control of naval oil reserves to his department
Alfred E. Smith
a moderate progressive
William Joseph Simmons
He was a preach who established the KKK
David Stephenson
he was convicted of second degree murder
A. Philip Randolph
The unions' failure to help African American workers led black socialist by ----
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Union founded by A. Philip Randolph in 1925 to help AA who worked for the Pullman Company
Movement to unite people of African descent worldwide
Marcus Garvey
a native of Jamaica, supported the cause of black nationalism
Black nationalism
Movement to create a new political state for AA in Africa
Universal Negro Improvement Association
Assosiation founded by Marcus Garvey in 1914 to foster AA economic independence and establish an independent black homeland in Africa
Immigration Act of 1924
Federal law reducing the annual immigration quota for each nationality to 2 % of the 1890 census figures, plus 100 Japanese immigrants
Bursum Bill
Bill proposed in 1922 to legalize non-Indian claims to Pueblo lands in the Southwest; failed to pass