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primary level
looks at sequence of amino acids
change of one amino acid in hemoglobin-->
sickle cell anemia
change of one amino acid in vasopresin (regulates blood pressure)-->
oxytocin (creates contractions during labor)
secondary level
looks at the patterns of folds of protein
polypeptide in coiled position
stabalized by H bonds
polypeptide lays side by side with other polypeptides or folds to create a layered appearance
tertiary level
looks at what causes polypetides to fold
4 ways polypeptide is stabalized
1. H bonding
2. salt bridges
3. covalent bonds
4. hydrophobic interactions
proteins that help other proteins to fold tertiary level correctly
quarternary level
looks at congregations of polypeptides
quarternary level stabalized by
H-bonding, salt bridges, and hydrophobic interactions