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Darwin proposed _______ as the mechanism of evolution.
Natural Selection
Survival of the fittest
What does natural selection produce?
Evolutionary change when some individuals in a population possess certain inherited characteristics and produce more surviving offspring than individuals lacking these characteristics.
Learning to survive by adaptation.
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed a rival theory to Darwin's Natural Selection theory. State the theory.
Evolution occurs by the inheritance of acquired characteristics.
Giraffes' necks. Created by experience.
What is population genetics?
The study of the properties of genes in populations.
The probability that a randomly selected gene will be heterozygous for a randomly selected individual is called?
Natural populations contain considerable amounts of genetic variation-- more than can be accounted for by ______ alone.
One of the factors of the Hardy Weinberg Principles.
What does blending inheritance mean?
an offspring was an average of its parents (phenotypically intermediate relative to their parents)
If an individual had one short parent and one tall parent, it would be of medium height.
Name some assumptions of the Hardy- Weinberg Principle.
1. The population size is very large.
2. Random mating is occurring.
3. No mutation takes place.
4. No genes are input from other sources (No immigration takes place.
5. No selection occurs.
Which equation is used to find phenotypes?
p + q = 1
What do each of the variables stand for?
p= q= p^2= q^2=
Which equation is used to find genotypic frequencies?
p^2 + 2pq + q^2 = 1
In the form of a polynomial.
Why do allele frequencies change?
When the factors off the Hardy-Weinberg principle are not met. Non random mating. Mutation. Selection. Emigration and immigration. Genetic Drift.
Racism. Changes. Seperations.
What changes the proportions of different alleles at a given locus?
Mating at random, sexual reproduction.