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What are the 3 functions of blood?
1. Transport
2. Regulation
3. Protection
What does blood Transport?
cells, water & plasma
What does blood regulate?
-PH of blood & interstial fluid
-body fluids
-body temp
What does blood do to protect?
-clotting after injury
-immune system roles
What is interstial fluid?
Fluid that surrounds cells of body
What are the 4 components of blood?
1. Plasma
2. Erythrocytes
3. Leukocytes
4. Platelets
What does plasma contain?
it is 55% of blood
-92% water
What percentage of blood does Erythrocytes make up?
What is the function of Erthrocytes?
To carry O2 + CO2
What are some charactersitics of Erythrocytes?
-Full of hemoglobin which is a protein
-No nucleus or organelles so they only live 120 days
-our bodies make 200 billion per day
Where are Erythrocytes made?
In red bone marrow
What do the spleen & live recycle?
used up erythrocytes
-Various immune system roles
-Can leave vasculature & spend time in interstial fluid.
-Have a nucleus, can be long lived
What are the 5 cell types of Leukocytes? What % of Leukocytes are each?
1. Neutrophils- 60%
2. Lymphocytes- 30%
3. Monocytes- 6%
4. Eosinophils- 3%
5. Basophils- 1%- release histamine
What are Platelets?
Tiny, irregular sized, cell fragments
-help in blood clot formation
What are platelets made from?
Megakaryocytes-(live in red bone marrow)