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glorification of military strength
Franz Ferdinand
the heir to the Autro-Hungarian throne; visited Sarajevo and was killed
Gavrilo Princip
killed Franz Ferdinand; Serbian nationalist
Allied Powers
Britain, France, Russia
Italy later joined
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungray, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
Schlieffen Plan
strategy that called for German forces to avoid the French-German border by invading France through Belgium
The First Battle of the Marne
the allies pushed hte German lines back 40 miles and leaders of both sides realized it wouldnt be an easy victory
no-mans' land
the area bombed out with barbed wire spearating the two sides
trench warfare
battles utilizing the protection of trenches
Battle of the Somme
longest battle of the war where the German and French armies attacking the French city of Verdun; the allied forces finally attacked Verdun
new weapons
machine gun and poison gas
Manfred Von Richthofen
most successful pilot; german
aka Red Baron
Edward Rickenbacker
top American pilot ace
4 causes of war
miliarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
sussex pledge
a renewal of the earlier promise not to sink liners without warning or ensuring the passengers’ safety
Robert Lansing
encouraged the trade of war materials with the allies; Secrtary of State, William Bryan's successor
National Defense Act
increased the number of soldiers in the regular army
Zimmerman Note
an intercepted cable proposed a Mexican alliance with German, and was proposed by Arthur Zimmerman. It offered German support to help Mexico
Jeanette Rankin
one of the people agaist going to war
Selective Service Act
required men ages 21 to 30 to register with the local draft boards
John J. Pershing
appointed commander of the army;
Conovy System
a system of transporting troops, supplies, and volunteers through the submarine-infested North Atlantic, and was very effective
William McAdoo
Secretary of the treasury that declared that “Every person who refuses to subscribe…is a friend of Germany.” and “is not entitled to be an American citizen; head of the railroad administration
Food Administration
one of the most successful of the war boards; headed by Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover
directer of the food administration; conserved existing supplies
War industries board
The government’s central war agency that coordinated the work of all the other boards
Bernard Baruch
director of the war industries board; was a wall street investor
National War Labor Board
designed to ensure that the voice of labor was heard. Made sure that no unions went on strike.
Harriot Stanton Blatch
daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton who helped the Food Administration Bureau
Juliette Gordon Low
widowed once; depressed for much of her life; travelled somewhere and met her husband who was the founder of the Boy Scouts; she later founded the girl scouts
Great Migration
migration of African Americans from the south to northern cities between 1915 and 1930.
Committee of Public Information.
Wilson started it, and it was headed by George Creel; producing propaganda that displayed the Germans as monsters
Expionage Act
makes it illegal to interfere with or put down recruitment acts
Sedition Act
if you said anything bad about the government you can get arrested
the Bolsheviks
a group of Radical Republican Socialists who seized power; led by Vlad Lenin, and he withdrew Russia from the war
the battle of Argonne Forest
for more than a mont, Americans pushed through the Meuse river and the Argonne forest facing machine gun fire the whole way
fourteen points
a program for world peace proposed by Wilson; presented a summary of his principles; points focused on the right of people to govern themselves and what Wilson considered the cause of the modern war
League of Nations
an internationl body designed to prevent offensive wars
The Big Four
Wilson, David Lloyd George, Georges Clemmenceau, and Vittorio Orlando; people that dominted the Peace conference
Treaty of Versailles
after six months of debate over Wilson's plan, it was siged; new colonial rulersto report to their administration to the League of Nations; Created the nations of Czecheslovakia and yoguslavia and reestablished Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithunia and Poland as independant nations; agreement creating the League of nations
Henry Cabot Lodge
head of the Senate Committee on Foreign relations who led the reservationists; against the treaty of versailles