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What is a rich deposit of ore, or metal, called.
What was the name given to a deserted mining town
Gost Town
The railroad that was built to connect the eastern part of the US to the western was called the ________________.
Transcontinental Railroad
An agreement between groups of people or nations is known as a ______________.
Land that the government set up to be protected for the Indians.
The trip ranchers took in the spring to move cattle north to the railroad was the _____ ______.
Long Drive
The name of the Mexican cowboy, from who the American cowboy got many of its customs.
The nickname for the open grasslands of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.
Open Range
People who received free land from the government from the Homestead Act were called ____________.
One of the inventions by the settlers which helped to contain cattle in a field.
Barbed Wire
A farming technique farmers adopted by digging small trenches near the base of the crops to help absorb water.
Dry Farming