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Haute couture
High fashion, indivdually designed, origninal, handmade garments
Main creator and designer for a haure couture firm
Skeletion suit
First clothing desgined for boys (high waisted trousers)
Democratization of fashion
Well-made fashinable garments available to the masses anywhere in the world
copies of haute couture designer gowns available for purchase at reasonable prices
Elements of culture influenceing fashion
Language, religion, art, customs, values and symbols
fashion magazine for south asians
complete coverage in public with a head to toe garment
particular look in fashion that sets it apart
THe quantity of a particular fashion items that the public is willing and able to buy
clothing, shoes, and accessories made of fabircs or leather
Women's wear
misses, petite, juniors, women sizes
Misses sizes
regualr woman (even numbers) sizes 2-14
Petite sizes
women who are less than 5'4
junior sizes
younger figure (odd numbers) sizes 1-13
Womens sizes
plus sizes for larger women
Jim Thompson
founder of the thai silk company
french trade association
chambre syndicale de la coutre parisienne
minority shoppers
fashion buyers paying full prices 37% of the time
principles of design
balance, contrast, rhyhm, unity and proportion
formal balance
achieved by placing equal weights at equal distance from the center
informal balance
acieved by moving a heavier weight toward the center and mvoing a ligher weight to the outer edge
opposites in sizes and color stand out
creates eye movementand occurs when an element is reapeated
links the visual elements making them appear to belong together
elements of design
lines, shapes, textures, and color
curved, straight, flowing or pointed-- gives direction
formed when lines enclose a space
fashion silhouettes
hourglass, rectangle and triangle
feel the design and can be created using differnt weaves of a fabric
color in the designs can affect moods, feeling and emotions
color association of the U.S
CAUS-- forecasts and predicts the rend in color for the fashion industry