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Problem with the Kansas City Star Newspaper report on Aids among Catholic priests that affected the validity of the report.
Unrepresentative sample
A sttement that can be tested about relationships between two or more variables
anything that changes or assumes different amounts or values
a variable that changes in response to changes occuring in the independent variable
dependent variable
a variable that changes for reasons that have nothing to do with the dependent variable
independent variable
Research method that questions a population or a portion of it to find out specific facts
the particular subset of a population chosen for the study
Conditions where researches are kept uninformed about the hypotheses being tested and the kinds of subjects being studied.
A question that can be answered by observing and analyzing the world, as it is known
empirical question
A study that cuts across a population at a given time
cross-sectional study
A study that investigates a population over a period of time
longitudinal study
The failure to achieve a representative sample
sampling error
Resesearchers entering into a group's activities and observing the group members
participant observation
sampling techniques assuring that each individual in the population has an equal chance of being selected
random sample
what Rik Scarce was defending when he refused to violate his agreement of confidentiality with his research participants
American Sociological Associations Code of Ethics