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What is a vibration?
One complete back and forth motion of an object.
What is a wave?
A wave is a disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space.
What is a medium?
Any substance in which a wave can travel.
What is tinnitus?
A type of hearing loss that occors from over-exposure to loud noises.
If the properties of a medium change, what else changes?
The speed of sound through medium will change.
In general, the cooler the medium, the _______ the speed of sound.
What is pitch?
How high/low the sound is.
What is infrasonic?
Sounds lower than 20 dB
What is ultrasonic?
Sounds with more than 20,000 dB.
What is rte doppler effect fo sound waves?
The apparent change in frequency of a sound caused by the mothion of either the listener or the source of the sound.
What's loudness?
how loud or soft the sound is percieved to be.
The larger the amplitude, the _____ the sound
WHat is decibles used to measure?
What is Reflection?
The bouncing back of a wave
What is an Echo?
a reflected sound wave
WHat is echo location?
The process of using reflected sound waved to find objects
What is sonar
a type of electronic echolocation.
Whats ultrastonagraphy used for?
Something that uses echos to see inside a patients body
Whats interference?
When two or more waves overlap.
WHta is a sonic boom?
The explosion you hear when shock waves enter your ear
What is a standing wave?
result of interference when some parts of the wave are at5 rest position and others are at large amplitude.
What is renasonce?
when an object near a resent frequency of a second object causing it to vibrate.
What is Diffraction?
The bending of waves around barriers or openings.