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La ventana
made of glass
el sacpuntas
pencil sharpener
something you use to shapen something
la pared
the wall
you house is made with and has
el mapa
the map
to find where you are going you need a...
el Reljo
the clock
it tells time
la pizarra
the black board
a teacher uses this
La puerta
the door
you open this to get into a room
el borrador
you clear the black board you need a
la tiza
a teacher uses this to write on the black board
la silla
the chair
you sit on this
el profesor
the professer or teacher
someone who teaches is a
el lapiz
in math class you need a
el boligrafo
the pen
you need this to write you name
la regla
the ruler
needed to measure something
la profesora
a teacher of the female sex
female who helps you learn
la mochilla
the backpack
you put your books in this
el periodico
the newspaper
in the morning your dad reads the
el chico
el estudiante
the boys student
a kid of a certain sex who is in school
La Chica
La estudient
a girl student
a girl who learns
el cesto de ppeles
the grabage
you through things away in the...
la revista
the magazine
teen people...seventeen...YM are all
el cuaderno
students need this and a pencil for cass
la pagina
the page
inside a book there is
el libro
the book
please read a .....
el papel
the paper
you write on the peice of....
la computadora
the computer
right now you are on the
la pantalla
the computer screen
the big this that you are look at right now
el proyector
overhead projector
Ms. Moser dosn't use a blackboard but a
la grabodora
tape recorder
you like that song and you want it on tape what do you need
el globo
the globe
a three dimentional view of the world
La videocaseter
this was so two year ago now we have dvds
el televisor
the television (set)
you need this to watch your favorite shows
¿Como se llama el?
Se llama Lorenzo
what is his name
¿Quien es?
Who is(that)
¿Como te llamas?
Me llamo.....
what is your name
De Donde Eres
where are you from
soy de weston
YO tengo dieciseis anos
I am(have) Sixteen(years old)
El es de Los Angeles
he is from Los Angeles
Ellos son de charleston
They(the boys) are in Charleston
Ellas son Orlando
they (the girls) are in orlando
Ellos son de los Esados Unidos
They(boys and girls) are from the united states
¿De donde eres(tu)?
where are you from?
¿Como se llama el?
Se llama Lorenzo
what is his name
¿y el?
And him?
means to be. it is probilly the most used word in the language
Yo present tense form of ser
Tu persent tense of Ser
the Ud. El, ella present tense of ser
nosotros persent tense form of ser
vosotros persent tense form of ser
uds. ellos, ellas persent tense form ser
uds. ellos, ellas persent tense form ser
¿De donde son ellos?
where are they from
is this word Masculino o femenino?

La Chica
is this word Masculino o femenino?

femenino La puerta
is this word Masculino o femenino?

Femnino La presentacion
is this word Masculino o femenino?

Masculino El boligrafo
is this word Masculino o femenino

Femenino La Noche
is this word Masculino o femenino?

Masculino El Dia
Perdon, Sr, cortes, no comprendo una palabra "revista".
excuse me, mr Cortes i dont understand the word "revista".
La Palabra "revista quiere decir "magazine"
make this plural

el amigo
los amigos
make this plural

el libros
los libros
make this plural

La amiga
las amigas
make this plural

el papel
los papeles
make this plural

el reloj
los relojoes
make this plural

la actividad
las actividades
make this plural

la pared
las paredes
make this plural

la pared
las paredes
make this plural

la lapiz (accent over A)
Las lapices (accent over A)
make this plural

la lapiz (accent over A)
Las lapices (accent over A)
make this plural

el examen
los examenes....accent over the a
make this plural

la nacion (accent over the O)
Las naciones
(point to a pen) ¿Que Es?
Es un Boligrafo
(point to a girl) ¿Que Es?
Es Una Chica
point to two boys) ¿Que es?
Es Unos Chicos
POints to Two Girls) ¿que Es?
Es Unas Chicas