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people accept as true about how the world operates
complete rational organization-uses the most effecient means
natural resources and the means of producing are privately owned
enable us to to give and receive complex information in an efficient manner
conflict theory
deviance is deliberately chosen and often political in nature
constructed reality
our experiences arise out of the ineraction that takes place among people in our daily life
content of interaction
cultural factors that guide interpretations, behavior, and dialogue during
context of interaction
larger historical curcumstances that bring people together
definition of the situation
people's perceptions and interpretations of what is important and appropriate
division of labor
work broken down into specialized tasks
dramaturgical approach
a view of social interaction in which people are seen as theatrical performers
disrupts the social system or reduces its stability
facade of legitimacy
explanation that members in dominate groups give to justify action
social events can best be explained in ferms of functions they perform