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What AF organizational objectives states that organizations should be designed so lower echelons can achieve objectives without the need of continuous control from above?
What organizational principle is being used when an organization has a clear cut purpose goal and scope, with one individual in charge?
Functional Grouping
When used, intermediate organizations _______________
consist of tactical functions only, without a full range of staff functions.
What organizational entity consists of a headquarters unit and its subordinate units?
A unit that is serving away from its organization of assignment and is attached to another organization is called a ___________________
Detached unit
What level of organization is a subdivision of the Air Force, directly subordinate to the Chief of Staff, USAF?
Direct Reporting Unit
What level of organization are tactical echelons that provide operational leadership and supervision?
Numbered Air Force
What is the basic unit in the AF?
What type of flight has multiple elements with identical missions?
Alpha Flight
Which of the standard elements is only used at the group level?
Deputy Commander
What element provides support in the form of advice, carrying out orders, or oversight of functions?
What is a staff element that is further divided into sections and elements?
Organizational structure variances are submitted for approval by whom and why?
Command; when a standard function does not exist at a location
What organizational structure ensures the readiness of assigned forces;prepares forces for deployment and employment;plans for beddown of forces; and exercises operational control over assigned forces?
Numbered Air Forc
What organizational structure generates and employs combat capability?
Within the wing staff, what function administers support agreements?
Which action would you take to provide the legal authority for a new unit subordinate to a Majcom?
Who activates and assigns a unit by issuing a G-series order?
When designating an operating location (OL), what is the maximum number of alphabetic characters you can use?
What organization will you create when a specific organization is required and no organization exists to attach personnel?
What provides the authority for a provisional unit?
G-Series order
What approved force structure action does not require a request for organizational action?
What is the maximum test period allowed for testing new organizations?
12 months.
When a Department of the AF (DAF/DPM) letter specifies effective date of an organizational action, the action must occur within how many days before or after the effective date?
What identifies the relationship between units when creating an organizational chart?
Organizational Structure Code