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Why are most drugs are formulated to be lipid soluble?
so they can move into cell membranes
What allows for storage of a drug to be released as needed?
Protein binding
What accelerates drug metabolism?
When does drug action stop?
When drug levels fall below MEC
What are cinstantly synthesized and degraded in the body?
Basic requirements for accurate drug administration?
Right drug,dose,client,route,time,documentation
Which drug administration route has slow drug action?
Oral route
This drug route allows use of Gi tract in clients who can't take oral drugs?
GI tubes
This drug route uses ver small needles. Insulin and heparin are commomly administered this way. Only up 10 1 mL can be given at a time. Drug absorption is slow.
Sub- Q
Deltiod -Im injection is used for?
Vaccines, Narcotics, Sedatives, Vitamin preparations
What size needle is used for most Sub-Q injections?
25-gauge, 5/8" needle
What size needle is used for most adults in a Im injection?
22 gauge 1 1/4"
Commonly used hepatotoxic drugs?
acetaminophen, isoniazid, and cholesterol-lowering statins
What drugs cause vasoconstriction in the hepatic artery and portal vein?
Epinephrine and related drugs
What drugs decrease hepatic blood flow by decreasing cardiac output?
Betadrenergic blocking agents(propranolol)
What decreased absorption of many oral drugs?