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Valeriano "Butcher" Weyler
Spanish general who fought against Cuban rebels and made Cuban towns into concentration camps
Joseph Pulitzer
a newspaper owner who wrote sensational stories and invented the comic strip,
"Yellow Press"
papers that wrote more to sell papers than to keep peace (they originally had a yellow kid comic strip)
William McKinley's promises as president
Protect American Business! Free Cuban People!
Theodore Roosevelt
Ordered ships to be ready for war in the pacific before war against Spain, named himself lieutent colonol of southwestern man to help capture Cuba
Rough Riders
cowboys, sheriffs, desperados, steepchase riders and polo players who joined Roosevelt in the attempt to capture Santiago
Who called the Spanish-American War a "Splendid Little War"?
Secretary of State John Hays
How long did the Spanish-American War last?
four months
How much did the Spanish American War cost?
quarter a billion dollars
When did the Spanish-American War begin?
April 11, 1898
Who won the Spanish-American War?
What did America recieve from Spain after the war?
its empire of islands including Puerto Rico, and Guam, and the liberation of Cubans
Who sold the Philippines and for how much?
Spain; $20 million
Why was the Spanish-American war important?
Because it was the US's first War of Intervention and it entered us into the race of imperialism
those who did not want America to become an "empire" and lord over people in faraway places and included people from different political parties as well as social classes
Name some anti-imperialists
William Jennings Bryan, Mark Twain, Jane Addams, Charles W. Eliot, Andrew Carnegie, and William James.
Who led Filipinos against Americans on their islands?
Emilio Aguinaldo
When was fighting over in the Phillipines?
Who managed Philippine affairs and the first head of the Philipippine Comission?
William Howard Taft
Who was the presidential and VP candidate for Republicans in 1900?
McKinley and T. Roosevelt
William Jennings Brown
the Democrats' candidate for president in 1900
Who won the election of 1900?
Teller Amendment
attached to Congress's war resolution, it pledged that the US would not exercise soviergnty over Cuban and leave the island to its people
After the Teller Amendment what did the USA NOT do?
remove troops from Cuba
The Platt Amendment attached what provisions before US troops would leave Cuba?
no treaties with foriegn countries, not allowing any foriegn power to aquire Cuban territory, sell/lease land to the USA, not create debt, allow the USA to step in to "protect" when necessary
Foraker Act of 1900
oraganized Puerto Rico as a compromise between a colony and territory, allowing the president to appoint a govenor and council mixed with some Puerto Ricans, and allowed US to set up schools, sanitation, and agricultural development as well as customs' fees
What was China forced to do after it was defeated by Japan in 1895?
to grant countries such as France, Germany, Japan, and Russia "leases" of great amounts of land
What did McKinley's Sec. of State do to create his "Open Door" policy
He sent a letter to all the powers controlling areas in China and told them to not increase railroad rates or duties and that every nation should have an equal opportunity in trading with China
patriotic society in China called the "righteous fists of harmony" who rose against foriegners in their land in the 1900 and tried to prevent themselves from becoming "foriegn property"
What did foriegn powers in China want to do after the "Boxer's Rebellion"?
overthrow the government and divide the land amongst themselves
What did Sec. Hays insist the foriegn powers do after the "Boxer's Rebellion"?
maintain Chinese independence
Who made the treaty of Wanghia possible for the United States?
Caleb Cushing
What did the Wanghia Treaty do for the United States?
It opened Chinese port to merchants and the US won "most favored nation" status amongst the Chinese
Who was Matther Perry?
a naval officer who was able to get the Japanese to trade with the United States
Who was the man that convinced the United States to purchase Alaska?
William Seward
What is another name for the purchase of Alaska?
"Seward's Folly"
What Caribbean islands did Sewarde purchase?
the Danish Indies or Virgin Islands
What were the Alabama claims?
That the British, who built ships such as the Alabama and broke international laws of neutrality, were partly responsible for the damages done to the Union. Therefore, the US demanded $15 million from the British or the Canadian territory
What was the treaty of Washington?
a treaty between the US and Britian that settled the Alabama claims and made Britian hand over $15 million to the US
Who acted as the emperor of Mexico?
the Austrian archduke Maximillian
What country was the Mexican government associated with when it was overthrown in the 19th century?
Did the United States approve of France governing over Mexico?
How did Germany and the United States (as well as Great Britian) solve the issues surrounding the Pago Pago islands?
by creating a joint procterate
Who said that by creating a strong naval power you could keep a nation great?
Alfred Thayer Mahan
What country attacked American soliders from the American ship Baltimore and almost created a war under President Harrison?
Who were two major followers of Mahan's philosophy?
Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge
What administration helped the Hawaiian people overthrow their queen in 1893?
What President was against expansion?
Grover Cleveland
What was the dispute between Britain and Venezuala?
a 23,000 mile disputed borderland
Who was Richard Olney
Cleveland's Sec. of State, who established the US's rights to intervene in Latin America under the Monroe Doctrine
Did the British ever back out of Venezuala?