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What is ecology?
Ecology is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment.
What is biotic?
Biotic is all of the organisms that live together and interact with one another.
What is abiotic?
Abiotic is the part of the environment that includes the physical factors (water, soil, etc)
What is population?
Population is a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same are and time.
What is community?
Community is all of the populations of different species that live and interact together.
What is ecosystems?
Ecosystems is all the communities of the organisms, and the abiotic environment.
What is biosphere?
Biosphere is the part of the earth where life exists.
What is herbivore?
Herbivores are consumers that ONLY eat plants.
What is carnivore?
Carnivores are consumers that ONLY eat meat (animals)
What is omnivore?
Omnivores are consumers that eat BOTH plants and meat (animals)
What is scavenger?
Scavengers are animals that feed on the bodies of dead animals.
What is decomposer?
Decomposer's are organisms that get energy by breaking down the remains of dead animals.
What is consumer?
Consumers are anything that EATS!
What is producer?
Producers are the plants that use the energy in the sunlight to make food.
What is food web?
A food web is a web/chart that represents how the energy in food molecules flow from one organism to another.
What is energy pyramid?
A energy pyramid is a chart that shows the loss of energy at each level of the food chain.
What is habitat?
Habitat is the organism's environment in which it lives.
What is niche?
Niche's are the organisms way of life within an ecosystem which includes its habitat, its food, its predators, and the organisms, in which it competes against.