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10% Plan
A southern state could form a government after 10% of its voters swore an oath to the Union. After the gov. was set up slavery had to be abolished.
Wade-Davis Bill
A rival to Reconstruction. A majority of men had to swear oath to the Union. No one who had volunteered to fight in the Confederacy could vote or hold office.
Freedman's Bureau
Gave food,clothing,and education to former slaves and poor whites
13th Ammendment
Banned slavery throughout the nation
14th Ammendment
Granted Citizenship to all people born in the U.S.
Radical Reconstruction
The period with all Repulicans in charge
Reconstrucion Act
Threw out all state governments who refused to ratify the 14th Ammend. All Southern states had to write a new consttitution before joining the Union. Must allow Africans to vote.
15th Ammendment
Forbad states to deny Africans the right to vote because of their race
Jim Crow Laws
Southern segregation laws
Plessy v. Ferguson
The supreme court case that ruled segregation was ok so long as facilities for blacks and whites were equal.
White Southerners who support Republican governments
Northerners who came south for 1. to seek their fortune off the south 2. Union soldiers who fell in love with the southern land 3. those who want to improve the lives of the freedmen
African American politicians
Freedmen in office who hold important positions
Rich white southerners who want to keep the south as it was
white racistists who used violence to threaten freedmen and their supporters
Reconstruction Governments
Governmets working to rebuild the south
People who farmed the land using tools provided by the planters in exchange for a share of the crop at harvest time
Men and women who had been slaves
A government pardon
Black Codes
Laws that severly limit the rights of the freedmen
Someone who wants to make drastic changes in the society
Bring formal charges of wrongdoing against an elected official
poll tax
Required voters to pay a fee before they vote
Literary tests
Required voters to be able to read and explain a section of the constitution.
Grandfather Clauses
If a voter's father or grandfather had been eligable to vote on January 1, 1867 they would not have to take the literary tests
Seperating people of different races in public places
illegal execution of someone by mob