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quitclaim deed
deed that conveys an individual's property rights to another but has none of the covenants of the warranty deed
range line
a feature of government rectangular survey that separates townships by east and west
recording statutes
state laws requirin documents that convey an interest in real property to be placed in the public records in order to be binding on the public
receding water line that leaves dry land to be added to an adjacent landowner's property
a specifically surveyed and identified square mile within the framework of the rectangular survey system
special warranty deed
identical to a general warranty deed except that the covenant against encumbrances applies only to the time that the grantor owned the property
statute of frauds
provision adopted by all states requiring that all deeds, long term leases and mortgages must be in writing to be enforceable. derives from the original Statute of Frauds on 1677
conveyance of real property upo the death of a property owner in accordance with a will
tier line
a feature of government rectangular survey that serves to number townships south or north form the baseline
title abstract
the compilation of all documents summarizing the chain of title into a chronological volume and then given to an attorney for final interpretation
title abstract with attorney's opinion
traditional evidence of title
title insurance
insurance paying monetary damages for loss of property from unexpected superior leegal claims or for litigation to protect title. Deemed superior to the traditional abstract with opinion since it offers insurance, in addition
title insurance commitment
a commitment to issue a title insurance policy
title search
the task of examining the evidence of title in the public records
torrens certificate
a rarely used means of providing evidence of title