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covenant against encumbrances
a promise that the property is not encumbered with liens easements or other such limitations exept as noted in the deed
covenant of quiet enjoyment
a promise that the property will not be claimed by someone with a better claim to title
covenant of seizin
a promise that the grantor truly has good title, and that he or she has the right to convey it to the buyer
a special form of written contract used to convey a permanent ownership interest in real property
an observable, verifiable intent that the deed is to be given by the grantor to the grantee
conveyance or distribution of a decedent's real property through a will
doctrine of constructive notice
a common law tradition stating that if a person is capable of knowing about a claim or rule, then he or she can be bound by it
easement by estoppel
the right of use created if a landovwner gives an adjacent landowner permission to depend on her land
easement by prior use
an implied right of use that allows owner of a landlocked parcel the right to use a previously existing path across another property for access and egress
easement of necessity
a created implied right of use that allows owner of a landlocked parcel the right to use path across another property for access and egress
unauthorized intrusion of a building or other improvements onto property owned by another
evidence of title
substantiation that demonstrates that good and marketable title is being conveyed as part of a real estate transaction
exceptions and reservations clause
a clause in a deed that can contain a wide variety of limits on the property interest conveyed