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Social Influence
The process where by one persons behavior is affected by the words or actions of others
socially basded rules that perscribe what people should or should not do in various situations
a psychological state occuring in group members that results in loss of individuality and a tendency to do things not normally done when along
Social Loafing
Exerting less effort when performing a group task than performing the same task alone
Social Impairment
a reduction in performance due to the presence of other people
Social Facilitation
A phenomenon in whoch the presence of others imporves a persons performance
Changing one's behavior or beliefs to match those of othere generally as a result of real or imagined through unspoken group pressure
Adujusting one's behavior because of an explicit or implicit request
Minority Infuence
A phenomenon whereby members of a numerical minority in a group alter the view of the majority
An act that is intended to cause harm to another person
frustration-Agression Hypothesis
A proposition that frustration always leads to some form of agressive behavior
enviromental psychology
The study of the relationship between behavior and physical enviroment
helping behavior
Any act that us intended to help out another person
an unselfish concern for another's welfare
bystander Affect
A phenomenon in which the chances that someone will help in an emergency decrease as the number of people present increases
arousal: cost-reward theory
a theory attributing peoples helping behavior to their efforts to reduce the unpleasant arousal they feel in the face of someone's need or suffering
empathy-altruism theory
a theory suggesting that people help others because of empathy with their needs
any type of behavior which people work together to attain a goal
behavior inwhich individuals try to attain a goal for themselves while denying that goal to others
the result of a person's or groups belief that another person or group statds in the way of their achieving a valued goal
social dillemmas
situations in which actions produce rewards for one individual will produce negitive consequences if addopted by everybody
prisoners dilemma
a social dilemma which mutual coorporation guarantees the best mutual outcome
resource dilemma
people must share a common resource, creating conflicts between short term interests of individuals and long term interests of a group
zsro sum game
a social situation in which one persons gains are subtracted from another persons resources so the sum of the gains and loses is 0
task-oriented leaderw
leaders who provide close supervision lead by directives and generally discourage group discussion
person-oriented leaders
leaders who provide loose supervision, ask for group members ideas concerned with subornates feelings
group think
a pattern of thinking in group members fail to evaluate realistically the wisdom of various options and decisions