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found out that changing electric fields could produce a magnetic field
james maxwell
b/c of changing electric and magnetic fields....
they can create eachother
electric charge moving back and forth
electromagnetic wave
changing an electric field to a magnetic field to an electric field
oscillating charge
transverse waves consist of changing electric and magnetic fields
electromagnetic waves
region of space that exerts electric forces on charged particles
electric field
region of space that produces magnetic fields
magnetic field
electromagnetic waves are produced when
an electric charge vibrates or accelerates
electromagnetic waves can travel through
a vacuum, empty space or matter
transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves traveling through matter or across space
electromagnetic radiation
measured the speed of light more accurately than before
albert michelson
the speed of light in a vacuum is
3.00 X 10 (8)m/s
in a vacuum
all electromagnetic waves travel the same speed
electromagnetic waves vary in
wavelength and frequency
electromagnetic radiation behaves sometimes
like a wave or like a stream of particles
the emission of electrons from a metal caused by light striking metal
photoelectric effect
proposed that light and all electromagnetic radiation consists of energy packets
albert einstein
packets of electromagnetic energy
rate at which a wave's energy flows through a given unit of area
the intensisty of light decreases as photons
travel farther from the source
discovered infrared radiation
william herschel
full range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
electromagnetic spectrum
visible light
is the only part we can see
the electromagnetic spectrum includes
radio waves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays
radio waves are used in
radio and television technologies as well as in microwave ovens and radar
longest wavelength
lowest frequency
amplitude of the wave is varied, frequency remains the same
amplitude modulation
am radio goes
a lot longer but not as clear
frequency of the wave varies amplitude remains the same
frequency modulation
fm stations
clear but not as long
acronym for RADAR
Radio Detection And Ranging
infrared rays are used as a
source of heat and to discover areas of heat differences
1/100th of a millimeter
color-coded pictures that show variations in temperature
people use visible light to
see and to communicate
ultraviolet rays have applications in
health, medecine and agriculture
x-rays used in
medecine,industry and transportation to make pictures of the inside of solid objects
gamma rays are used in
the medical field to kill cancer cells and make pictures of the brain
since light travels so fast
used as a yardstick to measure distance
tried to measure speed of light with lanterns
will most likely move in a straight line
analyzed light in terms of mechanical particles
sir issac newton
h -
planck's constant ( 6.61 X 10 (-34)
materials can be
tranparent, opaque and translucent
transmit light allows most of the light that strikes it to pass through
scatters light
either absorbs or reflects all the light that strikes it
when light strikes a new medium
the light can be reflected, absorbed, or transmitted
when light is transmitted
it can be refracted, polarized and scattered
copy of an object formed by reflected/refracted waves of light
when light reflects from a smooth surface
see a sharp clear image
when light reflects from a rough surface
see a blurred reflected image or no image
occurs when parallel light waves strike a surface and reflect all in the same direction
regular reflection
occurs when parallel light waves strike a rough uneven surface and reflect in different direction
diffuse reflection
false or distorted image
light with waves that vibrate in only one plane
polarized light
stops waves vibrating on a horizontal plane
vertical polarizing filter
means that light is redirected as it passes through a medium
visible light spectrum (prisms)
issac newton
as white light pases through a prism
shorter wavelengths refract more than longer wavelengths and the colors separate
process in which white light separates into colors
the color of any object depends on what
the object is made of and the color of light that strikes the object
sunlight equals
all colors of the spectrum
three specific colors that can be combined in varying amounts to create possible colors
primary colors
the primary colors of light are
combination of two primary colors
secondary colors
primary+proper secondary color=
white light
any two colors of light that combine to form white light
complementary colors of light
material that absorbs some colors of light adn reflects other colors
the primary colors of pigment are
cyan, yellow and magneta
any two colors of pigments that combine to make black pigment
complementary colors of pigment
objects that give off their own light
common light sources include
incandescent, fluorescent, laser, neon,tungsten-halogen and sodium-vapor bulbs
light produced when an object gets hot enough to glow
when electrons flow through the filament of an incandescent bulb
the filament gets hot adn emits light
process where a material absorbs light at one wavelength and then emits light at a longer wavelength
solid material that can emit light by fluorescence
fluorescent lightbulbs emit light by causing
a phospor to steadily emit photons
small pieces of metal in a fluorescent bulb that heat up and emit electrons
device that generates a beam of coherent light
acrnoym for LASER
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
laser light is emitted when
excited atoms of a solid, liquid or gas emit protons
light in which waves have the same wavelength and the crest/trough are lined up
coherent light
neon lights emit light when
electrons move through a gas or a mixture of gases inside glass tubing
pale violet
as electric current passes through a sodium-vapor bulb
it ionizes the gas mixture
the mixture warms up and heat causes the sodium to
change from a solid to a gas
inside a tungsten-halogen bulb, electrons flow through a tungsten filaments....
the filament gets hot and emits light
electromagnetic waves are __ waves consisting of changing electric and magnetic fields
the speed of light in a vacuum is
3.00 X 10>8 m/s
objects that scatter some of the light that is transmitted through them are
combining equal amounts of the 3 primary pigments produce
electromagnetic waves can travel through a
the electromagnetic waves with the shortest wavelengths are
gamma rays
a ___ or distorted image can be caused by the refraction of light as it moves into layers of hotter and hotter air
laser is an acronym
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation
to form white light from the combination of only 2 colors that colors must be
light travels faster in
the ____ is the emission of electrons from metal caused by light striking the metal
photoelectric effect
the type of electromagnetic wave that has the longest wavelength/lowest frequency
a ___is a thin coil wire stretched between two thicker wires in a lightbulb
einstein showed that photoelectric effect could be explained if light consisted of photons each with energy where H is planks constant_____ and F is frequency
6.61 X 10>-34 J
in the 1860s__realized that a changing electric field can produce a magnetic field
james maxwell
____unsuccessfully tried to measure the speed of light using lanterns
since light travels so fast, it is used as a ___ to measure distance
in 1926,____ measured the speed of light more accurately than before
albert michelson
___ rate at which a wave's energy flows through a given unit of area
radar is an acronym for
Radio Detection And Ranging
a____ is 10>-9 meter
a___ is a color-coded picture that shows variation in temperatures