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Dietary requirements for RBC production
Iron, Vitamin b12, Folic Acid, Proteins
Why is Vitamin b12 needed for RBC prod.?
needed for dna synthesis
Why is Folic acid needed from RBC prod?
Dna synthesis
What is anemia?
The blood has low 02 carrying cpacits
What causes anemia?
Low # of RBC's, decreased hemoglobin content, or abnormal hemoglobin.
Hemmoraghic anemia is due to..
Blood loss
Hemolytic anemia is...
RBC's dying early
Hemolytic anemia is caused by
infections, transfusion reactings, abnormal hemoglobin
Aplastic anemia is..
red marrow is destroyed or inhibited
Aplastic anemia is caused by
bacterial toxins, drugs, ionizing radiation
Aplastic anemia can cause
Clotting problems, imunity problems (no RBC)
Iron deficient can be caused be
Low iron levels, hemorrage.
Who is most succeptible to iron deficient anemia?
Females--monthly flow.
Pernicious anemais is caused by a
Deficiency of vitamin b12 (more specifically, intrinsic factor)
Sickle cell anemia--
inflexible RBC's due to low oxygen. Rupture easier, and jam blood vessels.
Sickle cell anemia can be treated with
Blood transfusions
Polycythemia causes..
too many rbc's to be made, high viscosity, sludge (flow slowly)
Polycythemia can cause
clots, storke, heart failure
Polycythemia can be caused be
bone marrow cancer or high altitidue, blood doping, injection of EPO
Leukocytes riddle
Never let monkeys eat bannas (most to least)
Can WBC's slip out of capilaries?
Out of blood, WBC's move by
amoeboid motion
WBC's slipping out of capilarries is called
Granulocytes have granules in there..
cytoplasm and multilobed nucleus
Wright stains
Show granulocytes and identify WBCs
Most numerous WBC
What do neutrophils do?
Phagocytizes bacteria and forms pus in the process.
Neutrophils take up..
blue and red dyes (acidic and basic)
Eisinophils are...
acid loving
Eisinophils kill..
parasitic worms and antigen'
Eisonophils take up which dye(s)
Red (acid)
Basophils are the...
least numerous
Basiphils are part of the
inflammatory response
Basophils release
heparin (anti-coag) and histamine (dilates and attracts WBCs)
Basopihls stain..
blue-purple with basic dye
No granules! (or not visible)
Agrnulocytes include
Lymmphocytes and monocytes.
Lymphocytes attack
Directly or releasing antibodies
T lymphocytes
Directly attack virus and tumor cells Mature in THYMUS
B lymphocytes
Make more plasma cells to produce anitbodies (produced in bone marrow)
Moncyte is largest or smallest?
What do monocytes do?
Phagocytizies large anitgens or dead cells
Monocytes develop into a what in body tissues?