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What did Southern whites impose that tried to restrict African Americans from voting, by having them read and explain a section of the Constitution?
Literacy Tests
Which amendment gave every person born and naturalized in the US citizenship, except American Indians?
14th amendment
What is the 13 amendment?
This amendment banned slavery throughout the U.S.
Which Amendment granted all persons borned or naturalized in the U.S who are citizens the right to vote?
The 15th Amendment
What was the significance of the election of 1876?
The significance of the election of 1876 was that Rutherford B. Hayes was elected. In an attempt to get more votes, he had agreed to remove the military from the south, thus ending reconstruction.
in what year did segeration go into effect, and what is the definiton of segregation?
1877, a means of seperating people of different races in public places.
What is a poll tax?
A tax that forced voters to pay a fee to vote. As a result, most freedmen didn't vote because they were too poor.
Who was Andrew Johnson?
He became President when Lincoln died and was President for most of Reconstruction.
What are scalawags?
A southerner that supported the Republicans.
Define Black Codes:
Laws that severly limited the rights of freedmen.
What is sharecropping? What are the disadvantages of sharecropping?
Sharecropping is when a person farms land owned by another person in exhange for a share of the crops. Disadvantages include that the sharecroppers had to pay rent and many times were in debt by year's end. This could be considered almost as bad as slavery. Poor whites, as well as African Americans, became sharecroppers.
If your grandfather was not eligible to vote on January 1st, 1867, then you would have to go through many voting restrictions. This is called a..
Grandfather Clauses
What is a Radical Republican?
Well, a Radical Republican was the political party that dominated Congress during the Reconstruction era. They believed that the South was pretty desperate and needed serious reformation. When Lincoln and Johnson presented their plans for rebuilding, they thought that they were too lenient for those rambunctious Johnny Rebs, and came up with the strict plan of Reconstruction. Which Ismail would no if he paid attention.
Who worked violently to keep blacks and white Republicans out of office?
The Ku Klux Klan.
What was Lincoln's Assassination?
Lincoln's Assassination was when John Wilkes Booth, a popular actor from the South, crept into the President's box, where Lincoln was watching a play, and shot President Lincoln in the head. Within a few hours, the President was dead.
Why did Radical Repulicans try to impeach Andrew Johnson?
The Radical Republicans tried to impeach Johnson because they feared that he would not enforce the reconstruction act and because he didn't agree with Congress.
What are carpetbaggers?
Carpetbaggers were people who went south to profit from the
South's misery
What is the Freedmen's Bureau?
The Freedmen's Bureau is a bill that Congress passed that gave food, clothing, medical care, and education to thousands of former slaves and poor whites. By 1869 300,000 African Americans of all ages were learning in schoolhouses taught mostly by Norther women who volunteered. These schoolhouses set the foundation for most of the South's public school system.
What was Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan?
The Ten Percent Plan. It required 10% of Southern voters to swear an oath of loyalty to the Union. Plus the new governments had to abolish slavery.
What is the Reconstruction Act?
The Reconstruction Act was the 3rd and most strict act of Reconstruction. It was made by the Radical Republicans and had 4 main parts states had to follow: 1) Must disband state governments. 2) Must write new constitutions. 3) Must ratify Fourteenth Amendment. 4) African American men must be allowed to vote.
What was Johnson's Reconstruction plan?
Johnson called for a majority of voters in each southern state to pledge loyalty to the United States. He also demanded that each state ratify the thirteenth amendment, which banned slavery throughout the nation.

To recap...
-pledge loyalty to the US (more than half of their voters, anyway)
-ratify the thirteenth amendment

And batrachoid means froglike.
And this is an interrobang: ?!
What are carpet baggers?
Carpet Baggers were people who went south to profit from the souths misery
what is your favorite color?