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how does reproduction in yeast happen?
asexual reproduction by budding
what are the parts of the mushroom?
cap, gill, stalk
what part of the mushroom contains spores?
the cap
what does the word mycorrhizae mean?
fungus root
what two things benefit from mycorrhizae?
plants and fungus
how does the fungus benefit?
absorbs carbohydrates from plants
how does the plant benefit?
fungus takes up phosphorus and minerals from the soil so plants can utilize them to make food
what is an example of good fungi?
yeast you buy in the grocery store
add yeast to grapes and the result is what?
add yeast to hops and grains and the result is what?
beer or alcohol
add different types of fungi to warm milk and the result is what?
cottage cheese, yogurt, and sour creme
who is Alexander Fleming?
discovered that penicillium had properties of an antibiotic
what are some examples of bad fungi?
ringworm, jock itch, and atheletes foot
what is mycosis?
the general term for a fungal infection
add different types of fungi to warm milk and the result is what?
cottage cheese, yogurt, and sour creme
what is ringworm caused by and what does it feed on?
by a fungus. feeds on warm, moist, dead tissue and is found on humans, dogs, cats, and cows
how do you treat ringworm?
by topical or oral drugs
how do you prevent ringworm?
remove warm moist areas and shower every day
what is jock itch?
ringworm of the genitals
how do you prevent jock itch?
wear clean underwear and shower daily
what is atheletes foot?
ringworm of the foot
how do you prevent atheletes foot?
wear shower shoes and disinfect