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Webster-Ashburn Treaty

What did this establish?
-Maine's northern
-Great Lake states
Spot Resolutions


-Congressman Abraham Lincoln
-supported a proposition to find the exact spot where American troops were fired upon, suspecting that they had illegally crossed into Mexican territory.
Tariff of 1842

signed by?
what did if do?to what extent?
how did he feel about it?
why did he pass it ne way?
-A protective tariff
-President John Tyler
-raised the general level of duties/ about where they had been before the Compromise Tariff of 1833
-Also banned pornography by increasing its cost.
-didn’t like having a protective tariff
-realized the need for more revenue
Bear Flag Revolt

who was involved?
-bear flag was made when a revolt by a band of horses intended for the Mexican militia, raised the grizzly bear flag
- to over throw mexican rule
-General Fremont who collaborated with American naval officers and local Americans
in 1846
Carolina and Creole Affairs

what was the "carolina"?
who was involved and why?
what did they do? destruction they made?
-ship from __ that supplied an
-A group of Canadian malcontents determined to free Canada from British rule
- made looting raids into Canada from an from ___/Canadians burned the vessel and killed an American on board
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo provisions
treaty that required Mexico to cede the American Southwest, including New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, to the U.S. U.S. gave Mexico $15 million in exchange, so that it would not look like conquest.
Aroostook War
Maine lumberjacks camped along the ___River in Maine in 1839 tried to oust Canadian rivals. Militia were called in from both sides until the Webster Ashburn - Treaty was signed. Took place in disputed territory
Walker Tariff
Sponsored by Polk's Secretary of Treasury, it lowered the tariff.
Wilmot Proviso
When President Polk submitted his Appropriations Bill of 1846 requesting Congress' approval of the $2 million indemnity to be paid to Mexico under the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, Pennsylvania Representative David Wilmot attached a rider which would have barred slavery from the territory acquired. The South hated this and a new Appropriations Bill was introduced in 1847 without the . It provoked one of the first debates on slavery at the federal level, and the principles of the became the core of the Free Soil, and later the Republican, Party.
Slidell mission to Mexico
Appointed minister to Mexico in 1845, ____ went to Mexico to pay for disputed Texas and California land. But the Mexican government was still angry about the annexation of Texas and refused to talk to him
General Winfield Scott
Led the U.S. forces' march on Mexico City during the Mexican War. He took the city and ended the war.
Polk replaced Taylor w/ ___ in southern phase of the war; Scott marched on Mexico City and seized it.
Nicholas Trist
Sent as a special envoy by President Polk to Mexico City in 1847 to negotiate an end to the Mexican War.