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War with whom provided good military leaders for France?
Great Britain, Sardinia, and Austria
Between what years did Napoleon first attract the public's eye?
1795 - 1799
He became general at age - and helped suppress the uprising in Paris that attempted to prevent the establishment of the -.
He was born on the French island of - and attended military school, graduating as an -.
Corsica;artillery officer
How tall was Napoleon?
5'2" (1.6 meters)
How much sleep did he get each night?
2-3 hours
The wars that occurred between 1796 and 1815 are known as the -.
Napoleonic Wars
How many times did Napoleon defeat the Austrians?
Why did the Directory let Napoleon set out on new conquests?
to keep him out of Paris
Napoleon proposed to weaken the trade between - in a military campaign.
the British and Africa and India
The British destroyed the French fleet near -.
Alexandria in Egypt
The British had organized the - against the French that included - and -.
Second Coalition;Austria;Russia
Abbe Sieyes was one of the chief -.
In 1799, - directors resigned and - were arrested.
Troops armed with - surrounded the legislature and forced its members to leave.
In 1799, Napoleon had his -, French for a "-."
coup d'etat;stroke of state
What was Napoleon's quote in the book?
"I found the crown of France lying on the ground, and I picked it up wih a sword."
The period from 1799 to 1814 is known as the -.
Napoleonic Era, or the Age of Napoleon
Napoleon respected the ideals set forth by the - and did not restore serfdom and feudal priveleges.
Declaration of the Rights of Man
Liberty under Napoleon meant only -.
freedom of opportunity
The executive branch, made of - consuls, gave its name to the first five years of Napoleon's rule, called the -.
In an attempt to appeal to popular admiration for the strength and virtues of ancient Rome, Napoleon took the title of -, the title used during the time of the -.
First Consul;Roman Empire
As First Consul, Napoleon commanded the - and -.
Napoleon submitted the constitution of his new government to the people for a vote, a procedure known as a -.
People could only vote - or -, and could not submit any changes.
T or F? Not many people approved of the plebiscite system Napoleon used.
False - a vast majority did.
Under Napoleon's direction, scholars completed the revision and organization of all French law begun by the -.
National Convention
Napoleon's system of government was called the -.
Napoleonic Code
Napoleon established the - because he wanted a central financial institution.
Bank of France
T or F? The Bank of France was publicly owned by the central government.
False - it was privately owned, though the government closely supervised it.
Napoleon's government established public schooling planned by the National Convention.The - supervised and directed these schools.
University of France
The - of 1790 had ruptured relations between the Roman Catholic church and the French government.
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
The - of 1801 was an agreement made with the pope in order to end the conflict caused by the Civil Constitution of the Clergy.
Th Concordat acknowledged - as the religion of most French citizens, but it did not abolish the religious toleration guaranteed by the -.
Catholicism;Declaration of the Rights of Man
What was the most important aspect of the Concordat?
The church had to give up claims to the property the government had seized and sold during the Revolution.
Napoleon destroyed the - against France.
Second Coalition
In 1799, he convinced - to desert the coalition.
By 1801, - asked France for peace and in 1802, - and - signed a peace treaty.
Austria;Great Britain;France
In 1804, the people of France voted to declare France a/an -. Napoleon the First Consul became -.
empire;Emperor Napoleon I
Where did the coronation of Napoleon take place?
Cathedral at Notre Dame in Paris
His coronation was also the inauguration of -.
France, the First Empire
Who crowned Napoleon?
The Third Coalition was made up of…
Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, and Russia.
Who allied with France?
In 1805, off of the southern coast of spain, a combined French and Spanish fleet was defeated by the English dude named -.
Admiral Horatio Nelson
Where did this defeat take place? Who is the most famous man to die here?