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What are the 3 categories of inotropic (increasers of CTY) drugs? Common Mechanism?
cardiac glycosides, sympathomimetic amines, PDE inhibitors; increase intracellular calcium
List 3 cardiac glycosides.
digoxin, digitoxin, ouabain
List the 2 effects of digitalis. Mechanism?
1. improve CTY; 2. prolong refractory period of AV node;
Na/K ATPase inhibitor and enhancer of vagal tone
What 3 actions of digitalis can create a dangerous arrhythmia?
1. less negative RMP; 2.decreased AP duration (more Ca faster K repolarization);
3. enhanced automaticity (afterdepolarizations)
TRUE/FALSE - Digitalis is clinically indicated in all types of heart failure.
Fasle - only those with impaired LV CTY
Describe the administartion and toxic effects of digoxin.
Oral (takes days if no loading dose)usually with K+; narrow therapeutic ratio so fear Arrhthmias, Beware hypokalemics, quinidine
Sympathomimetic Amines work via increased cAMP for their inotropic effect. List.
dopamine (dosage dependent toxicity,tachyarr), dobutamine (adrenergic R's, tachyarr), NEPI, EPI, ISO
Describe the inotropic effect of PDE Inhibitors. List 2.
increase cAMP by blocking degradation; Amrinone, Milrinone