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What does the urinary system consist of?
Kidneys, 2 ureter, bladder, urethra
What does the kidney look like?
bean shaped reddish brown
what are the two regions of the kidneys?
inner renal medulla and a outer renal cortex
what does a nephron consist of?
a renal corpuscle and a renal tubule
what three sections comprise the renal tubule?
proximal convoluted tuble, nephron loop, decendingand acending limb, distal convouluted tubel
explain the path of urine starting with the glomerulus
proximal convouluted tuble, nephron loop, distal convouluted tubel, join to form collecting duct renal pelvis ureter urinary blader urethra
what three processes form urine?
glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption, and tubular secretion
where does filtration occure?
where does much of the tubular reabsorption occur?
in the proximal convoluted tubule
what transports certain substances from the plasma into the renal tubular?
tubular secretion
What substances are found in urine
water 95% urea uric acid amino acidsand electrolytes
what are muscular tubes extending fromthe kidneys to the base of the urinary bladder
the ureters
what is a hollow distensible muscular organ lying inthe pelvic cavity?
the urinary bladder
The internal floor of the bladder includes what?
a triangular shaped trigone
what has two openings the ureters and the urethra?
the trigone
what is the portion of the muscle that surrounds the neck of the bladder, that is involutary is?
internal sphincter muscle
What is a voluntary muscle in the urinary bladder?
the external sphincter
what is a tube that conveys urine from the urinary to the bladder to the outside of the body?
how many sphincters does it have?
two internal and external
What does the urinary system remove?
salts and nitrogenous waste
the urinary system helps to maintain what?
normal concentrations of water and electrolytes
the urinary system helps to control what?
red blood cell procution and blood pressure
what is positioned retroperitoneally behind the parietal peritoneum?
The left kidney is what in relation to the right one?
what are hollow chambers in the medial side of the kidney?
renal sinus
what are the two distinc regions of the kidney?
inner medulla and outer cortex
what is composed of a conical masses of tissue called renal pyramids and appears stiated?
renal medulla
what hs nephrons which are the outer functional unitofthe kidney?
renal cortex
What is the primary function of the kidneys?
removal of fluid, waste by diluting in water then excreting
what does each nephron consist of ?
renal corpuscle and renal tubule
fluid flows through the what on the way out of the body?
renal tubules
what is the filtering portion of the nephron?
renal corpuscle
what is the renal corpuscle made up of?
a ball of capillaries called the glomerulus and a glomerular capsulethat recives the filtrate
What filters the fluid and is the first step in urine formation?
What surrounds the glomerulus?
the glomerular capsule
what leads away from the glomerular capsule?
the renal tubele
what joins to becomethe collecting ducts?
convoluted tubules
The glomerular filtration produces how many liters of fluid a day?
180 that is 4x total body water every 24 hrs
what moves substances fromthe tubular fluidbackinto the blood?
Tubular reabsorbtion
what is reasorbed by the tubular reabsorbtion?
Glucose amino acids and water
what moves substances from the bloodto the the renal tubule?
tubular secretion
What three processes make urine?
Glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption,tubular secretion
what conveys urine tothe urinary bladder
muscular peristaltic waves
wht is urination or the process that expels urine from the urinary bladder?
Which of the following comprises the kidney's transport system
tubules and pelvis
A series of small elevations that project into the renal pelvis from the substance of the kidney are called
renal papillae
Which of the following renal structures is found in the medulla of the kidney
collecting duct
High pressure is maintained in the glomerulus because
the wall of an arteriole is less compliant than that of a venule the diameter of the efferent arteriole is less than that of the afferent arteriole
How much fluid filters through the glomerulus in a 24-hour period
45 gallons or 180liters
Which of the following substances are normally present in glomerular filtrate but not in urine
Most of tubular reabsorption takes place in the
proximal convoluted tubule
The mechanism by which greater amounts of a substance may be excreted in urine that were filtered from the plasma is
tubular secretion
The normal out put of urinea day is
.6 to 2.5 liters a day
The kidney has how many layers?
Filtration through the glomerulus is directly controlled by
blood or filtration pressure.