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give some BADLs examples
-Mobility: movement in bed, transfers,functional mobility (ambulate w/ and w/o ADs, wheelchair
-Selfcare: Dressing, Self feeding, Toileting, Bathing, Grooming
-Environmental hardware: phone, keys, switches, faucets
-Communication: write, read, ops of computer
give some IADLs examples
-Home Management: shopping, meal planning/prep, cleaning, laundry, childcare
-Comm Living Skills:Money/financial management, transportation
ADLS Evaluation: what should the OT consider?(there are6)
1. OT works w/client
2. Use interview, chklist
3. Where does client perform ADLs
4. Start w/simple & safe task then grade up
5. Avoid fatigue, complete over several sessions
6. Determine performance problems
Types of Adaptive Equip for Dressing Activities
1. use front-opening garments
2. Dressing sticks
3. Lg buttons, zippers w/loop on the tab
4. Use velcro instead of buttons, etc.
5. Elastic shoelaces
6. Stocking aids
7. Button hooks
8. Reachers to p/u objects, organize and even don pants
Types of Adaptive Equip for Eating Activities
1. Built up utensil handles
2. Specially shaped utensil handles, Swivel spoon, Spoon-fork (for limited SUP)
3.Long straws, straw clips
4. Universal cuffs (for grasping prob and built up handles don't work).
5.Plate guards or scoop dishes
Types of Adaptive Equip for Hygiene and Grooming
1.Hand-held shower head (handle can be built up)
2.Long-handled bath brush, mitten, soap on rope
3. Postion-Adjustable hair dryers
4.Long handles on comb, brush, toothbrush, lipstick, mascara; handle can be made from wooden dowels or PVC
5.Spray can adapters
6.Electric toothbrush or water-piks
7.Short reachers to reach things in bathroom, i.e. toilet paper.
8. Safety rails, grab bars
9. Safety mats, safety strips
10.transfer tub bench, shower stool
Types of Adaptive Equip for Communication & General Environment
1. Telephone: Lg buttons, speaker phone, voice activated, clip-type receiver, extended receiver holder, dialing stick
2.Built-up pens/pencils
3.Electric typewriters, computers, book holders
4.Lever-type door knobs, car door openers, adapted key holders
5.Extended or built-up handles on faucets
Types of Adaptive SKILLS for Home Management
1. store frequently used itmes on counters, first shelves
2.Work at counter height, adapt seating or counter tops to chair height (wheelchairs)
3.Use utility cart for object transfers
4.Use reachers for lightweight items
5.Use nonslip mats to stabilize bowls, dishes, etc
6.use lightweight utensils and dinnerware
7.use electric can opener, mixers
8.use electric or adaptive scissors
9.Use extended flexible handles on brooms, mops, dustpans
10.Use adaptive knives
11.Use pull-out shelves
12.Use wall ovens, countertop broilers and microwaves
13.use top loading applicances to eliminate bending; use fron-loading appliances if in wheelchair
14.Adjust ironing board