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Global Interdependence
A state in which the social, political, financial, and cultural lives of people around the world are intertwined such that one country's problems-unemployment, drug abuse, environmental pollution, the searchj for national security,--are a part of a larger global situation
The process of ever-increasing "cross border flow of goods, services, people, money, information, and culture"
Social Change
Any significant alteration, modification, or transformation in the organization and operation of social life.
the invention of something new--an idea, a process, a practice, a device or tool
Basic innovation
Revolutionary, unprecedented, or ground-breaking, inventions that represent the cornerstone for a wide range of applications
Improving innovations
Modifications of basic inventions that improve upon the originals--that is make them smaller, faster, less complicated, or more efficient, attractive or portable
A technology that allows readers to pick and choose amoung highlighted keywords and follow links to related documents that are stored in computers around the world.
Dearth of Feedback
A situation in which not enough critical readers and listeners evaluate material before it is used by the popular media.
Cultural base
The number of exsisting inventions
A synthesis of exsisting inventions
Simulatneous-interdependent inventions
Situations in which the same invention is created by two or more persons working independently of one another at about the same time.
Adaptive culture
The portion of the nonmaterial culture (norms, values, and beliefs) that adjusts to material innovations
Cultural lag
A situation in which the adaptive culture fails to adjust in necessary ways to material innovation
Technological determinist
Someone who believes that human beings have no free will and are controlled entirely by their material innovations
The dominant and widely accepted theories and concepts in a particular field of study
An observation or observations that a paradigm cannot explain
A term describing the Internet's ability to connect those people around the world with educational, economic, and political advantages, excluding those who are not so advantaged.
Interdependence at the grassroots level that aims to protect the environment, enhance ordinary people's access to basic resources, democratize political institutions, and to ease tensions and prevent violent conflict between power centers and authority structures.
Social movement
A situation in which a substantial number of people organize to change, to resist change, or to undo change in some area of society
Regressive or reactionary movements
Social movements with the goal of turning back the hands of time to an earlier condition or state-of-being sometimes defined as a "golden era"
Reformist movements
Social movements that target some specific feature of society as needing change
Revolutionary movements
Social movements that seek braod, sweeping, and radical structural changes to a society's basic institutions or the the world order.
Counterrevolutionary movements
Social movements that seek to maintain a social order that reform and revolutionary movements are seeking to change
Objective deprivation
A condition that applies to those who are the worst off or most disadvantaged--people with the lowest incomes, the least education, the lowest social status, the fewest opportunites, and so on
Relative deprivation
A condition that is measured not by objective standards but rather by comparing one groups situation to the situations of those who are more advantaged.
Resource mobilization
A situation in which a core group of sophisticated strategists works to harness the disaffected energies, attract money and supporters, captuer the media's attention forge alliances with those in power and creat an organizational structure
Anxiety-inspiring and violent actions taken by a clandestine or semi-clandestine individual, group, or state supported actors for idiosncratic, criminal, or political reasons.