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economic system in which the means of production are privatly owned and operated for profit
an Aztec god represented as a plumed serpent
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish explorer and conqueror of the Inca Empire of Peru. founded the city of lima
people from the andes, highlands of peru, who built roads.
Last independent Incan emperor. He was captured by the Spaniards for going against Pizarro.
Francis I
King of France (1515-1547) who waged four wars against Holy Roman Emperor Charles V from 1521 to 1544. A patron of the arts, he reigned during the Renaissance in France
person who assumes financial risks in the hopes of making a profit
Joint Stock Company
private trading company in which shares are sold to investors to finance buisness
policy by which a nation sought to export more than it imported in order to build its supply of gold and silver
tax on imported goods
Middle Passage
in the slave trade, that part of the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the West Indies
Francis Drake
English naval hero and explorer who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the world and was vice admiral of the fleet that destroyed the Spanish Armada
Elizabeth I
Queen of England and Ireland who reestablished Protestantism in England.
Samuel de Champlain
french explorer established a settlement (1608) on the site of present-day Quebec.
Louis XIV
king of france who waged the War of the Spanish Succession
Alfonso I (Nzinga Mbemba)
King of Portugal (1139-1185) who won Portuguese independence from Castile (1139) and established a monarchy.