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Which Northern abolitionist wrote the anti-slavery book 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
What class period did these flashcards?
Period 3
What does secede mean?
Secede means to withdraw from membership in a group.
What is guerrilla warfare?
A soldier who uses hit-and-run tactics.
What is a fugitive?
A fugitive is a runaway. Fugitive slaves during and before the civil war were enforced by the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850.
What does repeal mean?
To undo; usually a law.
What is a Civil War.
A Civil War is a war between people of the same country.
Define popular sovereignty.
It is an idea that the people hold the final authority in goverment, allowing each territory to decide whether to allow slavery or not
How did the Kansas-Nebraska act decide slavery in the west?
Divided Nebraska Territory into Kansas and Nebraska territory. The settlers of each territory would decide the issue of slavery by popular sovereignt
What is Sectionalism?
Loyalty to a state or section rather then to the country as a whole country.
A border ruffian was...
...a pro slavery settler that rode accross the Kansas-Missouri border to vote for slavery.
Free Soil Party
Antislavery members from both parties met in Buffalo and founded it. There main goal was to keep slavery out of the western territoies.
What are the five Border States?
Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee,North Carolina, and Virginia
What is the Republican party?
A group of people who's goal was to keep slavery from spreading.
Who was John Brown?
John Brown was an abolitionist who killed many pro slavery men for killing abolitionists.
Who is Dred Scott and what did he do to impact the Civil War?
Dred Scott was a former slave who filed a lawsuit after his master died declaring that he was now a free man.
Why was it called Bleeding Kansas
it was called this because since popular sovereignty if ne side lost they would go out an kill people