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psychological disorder
A condition in which a person's thoughts, feelings, or behavior is judged to be dysfunctional
Medical model
The perspective that mental disorders are caused by biological conditions and can be treated through medical intervention
psychological model
The perspective that mental disorders are caused and maintained by one's life experiences
Sociocultural model
the perspective that psychological disorders are influenced by cultural factors
Culture bound syndromes
Recurring patterns of maladaptive behavior that are limited to a specific cultural group or location
the process of identifying and grouping mental disorders with similar symptoms
Acronym for the american psychiatric assosications diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.
generalized anxiety disorder
a psychological disorder that is characterized by a constant state of anxiety not linked to an identifiable source
Panic disorder
A disorder characteized by sudden and intense rushes of anxiety without an apparent reason
an anxiety disorder in which the main symptom is an intense fear of public places
phobic disorder
An anxiety disorder characterized by an intense and irrational fear
simple phobia
An intense irrational fear of a specific object or situation
social phobia
an intense fear of situations that invite public scrutiny
An anxiety disorder defined by persistant thoughts and the need to perform repetitive acts
somatoform disorder
a type of mental disorder in which a person experiences bodily symptoms that are psychological rather than medical in nature
A disorder characterized by an unwarranted preoccupation with one's physical health
conversion disorder
A disorder in which a person temporarirly loses a bodily function in the absence of a physical cause
dissociative disoder
A condition marked by a temporary disruption in one's memory consciousness or self identity
A dissociative disorder involving partial or complete loss of memory
Fugue state
A form of amnesia in which a person forgets his or her identity, wanders from home, and starts a new life
Dissociative identity disorder (DID)
Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, it is a condition in which an individual develops two or more distinct identities
mood disorder
A condition characterized by prolonged emotional extremes ranging from mania to depression
A mood disorder characterized by sadness, despair, feelings of worthlessness, and low self esteem
Learned helplessness
A learned expectation that one cannot control important life outcomes, resulting in apathy and depression
Depressive explanatory style
The tendency for depressed people to attribute negative events to factors that are internal stable and global
Bipolar disorder
A rare mood disorder characterized by wild flucuations from mania to depression
Schixophrenic disorders
Disorders involving gross distortions of thoughts and perceptions and by loss of contact with reality
False beliefs that often accompany schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
sensory experiences that occur in the absence of actual stimulation
Diathesis-Stress model
The theory that certain mental disorders develope when people with a genetic or acquired vulnerablity are exposed to high levels of stress
personality disorders
A group of disorders characterized by a personality that is highly inflexible and maladaptive
borderline personality disorder
a type of personality characterized by instability in one's self image, mood, and social relationships and a lack of clear identity (marylin monroe)
Antisocial personality disorder
A personality disorder involving a chronic pattern of self-centered, manipulative, and destructive behavior toward others.
The tendency for people diagnosed with one mental disorder to exhibit symptoms of other disorders as well.