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New Deal
a program of 15 recovery and relief programs to fight the depression- banking system, relief for needy, helping the nation recover, and agricultural recovery, FDR
employed men 18-25 to plant trees, create parks, etc. 30 dollars a month- 10 year existence, 2.5 million men
regulated stock selling companies- said what they could and could not do
encouraged businesses to draw up fair codes of competition- businesses worked together to set hours, prices, etc- was ruled unconstitutional
paid farmers to reduce their output of certain products- cause prices to rise and so would farmer's purchasing power- money came from taxes on food processors- ruled unconstitutional
transformed tennessee river valley, built dams, power stations, and recreation facilities- some americans thought it was an example of the fed govt abusing their power- not struck down
empoyed people to do artistic, public work, and research projects- 8.5 mil people, made NYA to help young people find work
hopkins- jobs of federal, state, and make-work projects. people wanted jobs not handouts
provided unemployment insurance to workers, pensions to retired workers over 65, payments to ppl w/ disabilities and wives n children of male workers who lost their job- came from paytroll tax on employees
Congress of Industrial Organizations
tried to unite workers in various industries- organizing efforts caused many strikes
Dust Bowl
piece of land in great plains- dust came in everywhere- caused migration to California
John Steinback's Grapes of Wrath
followed fortunes of a poor family as they moved to California
Criticisms of new deal
too much welfare and deficit spendings, critisizers were Townsend, COughlin, and Long
pros and cons of new deal
pros- relieved worst, fairer income distribution, saved free enterprise, cons- caused febt, fed govt growth, and creeping socialism
developments in Japan
invasion of Manchura, left league of nations, attacked panay and china, cut off from our oil supply because the invasion of Nanking
developments in Germany
Hitler, Nuremberg laws, overran Rhineland and Austria
developments in Soviet Union
Stalin- totalitarian state, followers were red army, opposers of totalitarian were sent to concentraion camps
civil war between fascits and loyalists, fascists won because no support for loyalists
Mussolini led blackshirts, limited freedom, invaded Ethipia, formed axis powers with GErmany
Washington conference
Hughes- major powers destory 66 warship, 10 year naval holiday, britain and u.s. would have equal naval strength, japan 60 percent of that, italy and france half of that- 4 power treaty: britain, france, japan, and u.s. would respect territory in pacific, 9 power- guiaranteed chinas territorial integrity and open door policy