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Joseph Stalin
-Leader of the Soviet Union

-Modeled a communist state
Benito Mussolini
-Leader of Italy during WWII

-Established the Fascist Party
Adolph Hitler
-Leader of Germany during WWII

-Leader of the Nazi Party

-Established the Third Reich
Franklin Deleno Roosevelt
-President of the U.S during WWII
Francisco Franco
-Leader of Spain during WWII

-1st facist leader of Spain
Hideki Tojo
-Leader of Japan during WWII

-Put on trial and sentenced to death
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
-Prime Minister of Britain before Churchill

-Signed the Munich Agreement
Premier Daladier
-Premier of France

-Signed Munich Agreement
What did the Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps do?
-Women did things other then fighting during WWII
Harry Truman
-Roosevelt's vice president

-Became the 33rd president when Roosevelt died
Emperor Hirohito
-Emperor of Japan during WWII
Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
-Fought for the compensation of the Japanese

-Got $20,000 for every Japanese sent to relocation camps
Charles De Gaulle
-French general who fled to England after France fell
-Were put in concentration camps and ghettos
Winston Churchill
-Leader of Britain at the end of WWII
Phillip Randolph
-Fought for the civil rights of African Americans
Erwin Rommel
-Known as Desert Fox

-Fought for the Axis power in North Africa
General Patton
-Lead gropund forces from France to Germany
Eva Braun
-Hitler's mistress

-Committed suicide
Dwight Eisenhower
-Led the U.S troops into North Africa
J. Robert Openheimer
-Created the atomic bomb
What happened at the March on Rome?
The March of Rome was the first place that was taken over by Mussolini
What was the Invasion of Ethiopia?
The Invasion of Ethiopia was a battle that was fought by Mussolini in Africa.
What was the Invasion of Manchuria?
The Invasion of Manchuria was when the Japanese invaded North Eastern China.
What was the Battle of Britain?
The Battle of Britain was a three month bombing of Britain by the Germans.
What was Pearl Harbor?
The battle of Pearl Harbor caused the U.S to enter WWII.
What happened at the battle of Stalingrad?
Hitler took most of the city, but the Soviets still won the battle.
What was D-Day?
D-Day was the massive invasion of the beaches of France by the allies.
What was the Battle of the Bulge?
The Battle of the Bulge was Hitler's last effort to try to penetrate the allied lines.
What was the Battle of the Coral Sea?
The Battle of the Coral Sea was the first major battle that the Japanese lost.
What was the Battle of Midway?
The Battle of Midway was fought north of Hawaii. The U.S attacked Japanese ships before they could attack us.
What was the Battle of Leyte Sea?
The Japanese sent almost all of their Navy to the Leyte Sea and were destroyed.
What happened at Iwo Jima?
All but 200 Japanese troops were killed at Iwo Jima.
What was the Battle of Okinawa?
The Battle of Okinawa was the last island taken before the U.S invaded Japen.
What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Atomic bombs were dropped at Hiroshima and Hagasaki.
What happened during the Invasion of Poland?
During the invasion of Poland, French and British soldiers were surrounded at the Miginot Line.
What was the Battle of Aachen?
The Battle of Aachen was the first German city taken by the Allies.
What was the Battle of Guadalcanal?
The Battle of Guadalcanal was the first island that the allies took from Japan.
What was the Bloody Anzia?
The Bloody Anzia was a battle that took place in Italy, about 40 miles outside of Rome.
What happened after the Invasion of North Africa?
After the invasion of North Africa, Hitler and Stalin split the country.
What was the Battle of Dunkirk?
The Battle of Dunkirk was where FDR and Churchill decided to invade first.
What is the G.I. Bill of Rights?
The G.I. Bill of Rights provided education and training for vetrans.
What is the Selective Service Act?
It requires that men register for military service.
What were the Neutrality Acts?
It prevented the sale and loan of U.S. arms to nations at war.
What was the Non-aggression Pact?
An agreement between Hitler and Stalin not to invade each other.
What were the Lend-Lease Acts?
The Lend-Lease acts allowed the United States to ship arms and other supplies, without immediate payment, to nations fighting the Axis powers.
What was the Tripartite Act?
An act signed by Germany, Italy and Japan that said they would help each other in case of a war.
What was the Yalta Conference?
At the Yalta Conference, Stalin, FDR, and CHurchill all met to discuss what to do with Germany now that the war was over.
What were the Nuremburg Laws?
The Nuremburg Laws stripped Jews of their Jobs, citizenship, and property.
What was the Cash and Carry Act?
The Cash and Carry act said that the U.S. would sell waepons to England as long as they paid money up front and transported it on their own ships.
What was the War Production Board?
The War Production Board decided what goods were needed and would be rationed for the war.
What was Korematsu v. United States?
A court case that decided that the U.S did nothing wrong when they put Japanese in internment camps during WWII.
What was the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact?
The Rome-Berlin Axis pact was an agreement between Germany, Spain, and Italy to protect each other in case of war.
What was the Munich Pact?
The Munic Pact was an agreement between Germany, Italy, and France that allowed Hitler to keep Austria and Czechoslovakia as long as he promised not to take any other lands.
What is Anti-Semitism?
Anti-Semitism is the term used to describe hatred of the Jewish people.
What is a Kamikaze?
A kamikaze is a piolet that gives up his own life by crashing his plane into a target.
What was the Maginot Line?
The Maginot Line was the line where German troops were sitting on one side, and French and English troops were on the other side.
What does the term Aryan mean?
Aryan was the term given to Hitler's elite race of people.
What is Mein Kampf?
Mein Kempf is the book that Hitler wrote while in prison.
What is radar?
Radar was the invention of the British that was used to detect planes that were coming after them.
What does the "V.E" in V.E. Day stand for?
V.E. stands for VICTORY IN EUROPE.
What were the Ghettos?
The ghettos were the places that Jewish people were sent to live and work.
What was the Night of Broken Glass?
The Night of Broken Glass is the night that the Nazi's stormed Jewish homes and businesses.