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Define Absolutism.
A political theory that rulers have/claim complete power in their territory.
Make laws
Give out justice
Declare war
-- All without anyone's 'permission'.
What were the two groups that threatened absolutism? Why?
Nobles and church.
Everyone wanted power, and they stood in the ruler's way of having complete control.
Who is John Locke?
What were his political priciples?
He was an anti-absolutist.
Wrote that government can't be stronger than the people who are ruled by it. Everyone has the ability and the RIGHT to voice their political opinions and advice.
Describe the reign of England's Charles II.
Who succeeded him?
Why was that 'bad'?
Charles rule (beginning) was good - restored England to how it was before Cromwell and Charles I.
James II succeeded him.
BAD - James converted to Catholicism, and wanted church to convert as well.
Who were the Tories and the Whigs?
They were parties for/against Charles I reign.
Tories = for.
Whigs = against.
What was the Glorious Revolution of 1689?
The result of William and Mary taking James II off of the throne.
What changes did William and Mary affect for England?
They brought a new Parliament that passed::
a Bill of Rights
an Act of Toleration
an Act of Succession and
an act of Union.
(Change was good for everyone but big landowners)
Describe the reign of Louis XIV.
He had nobles live with him for a part of the year to keep them from gaining too much power from their individual territories.
What was Louis's goal for the religion of France?
He wanted to unite the different factions of Roman Catholics, but he hated the Huguenots.
Who was Jean Baptiste Colbert? What did he do in France?
He was Louis's finance minster.
Made the king's profit go from 25% to 80%.
Why did Louis want to go to war so much?
He wanted to lessen the threat posted by the Hapsburg powers that surrounded him. Wanted to gain land. Wanted to promote dynastic interest of his own family.
What was the League of Augsburg?
What happened during the Nine Year's War?
The League was organized by William of Orange to rise against Louis.
Nine Year's War = very destructive.
What is meant by 'Balance of Power'?
That nobody will have 'too much' power.
No country could gain so much power that it would threaten the position of another major country.
What was the Treaty of Utrecht?
What were its terms?
Ended the War of Spanish Succession (Queen Anne's War).
Stated that France and Spain would never and could never be united under the same ruler.