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It takes how many minutes for the sun's rays to reach your face?
8 minutes
Name the 3 types of atmospheric heating.
Radiation, Conduction, and Convection
What is Radiation?
Energy transfer by electromagnetic waves
How much radiation energy does the Earth receive?
2 billionths
What is thermal conduction?
Thermal conduction is the transfer of thermal energy through a material
Thermal energy is always transferred from what to what?
Warm to cold areas
What is convection?
Convection is the transfer of thermal energy by circulation ormovement of a liquid or gas.
In convection, warm air rises and becomes.....
Less dense
Cool air is dense, so it....
The cycle of warm air rising and cool air sinking causes a movement of air called.....
Convection current
What percentage of radiation that enter's Earth's atmosphere is absorbed by clouds and by the Earth's surface?
The radiation that is absorbed by the clouds and the Earth's surface is converted into .....that warms the planet?
Thermal Energy
What is the Greenhouse effect?
The process by which gasses in the atmosphere , such as water vapor and carbon dioxide, absorb thermal energy and radiate it back to Earth
The gases in the atmosphere act like ............... which allows solar energy to enter, but prevents thermal energy from escaping
glass walls and roof of a greenhouse
Radiation Balance
Energy in, energy out
In order for the Earth to remain livable, the amount of energy received from the sun and the amount of enengy returned to space must be .....
The balance of incoming and outgoing energy is known as
Radiation Balance
Scientists have been concerned about the increase in .....
Global temperature
An increase in global temperature is known as
global warming
Some scientists believe that the increase of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere may be the cause of
Global warming
Human activity, such as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, may be increasing the levels of greenhouse gases, such as
Carbon dioxide