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What is an Atmosphere ?
It is a mixture of gases that surround the Earth
What is Air Pressure?
The measure of the force with which the air molocules push on a surface.
What is Altitude?
The height of an object above the Earth's surface.
Describe The Troposphere.
A layer of the atmosphere which lies next to the Earth's surface, the lowest layer of the atmosphere.
Describe the Stratosphere.
The atmospheric layer above the troposphere. It has very little moisture and the air is very thin.
What is Ozone?
Ozone is a molocule that is made up of three oxygen atoms.
Describe the Mesosphere.
It is the coldest layer of the atmostphere and is above the stratosphere.
Describe the Thermosphere.
The uppermost layer and with increasing altitude the temperature decreases.
What is Radiation?
The transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves.
What is Conduction?
The transfer of thermal energy fom one material to another by direct contact.
What is Convection?
The transfer of thermal energy the circulation or movement of a liquid or gas.
What is a Greenhouse Effect?
The Earth's heating process, in which the gases in the atmosphere trap thermal energy.
What is Temperature?
A measure of the average energy of particles in motion.
What is Heat?
The transfer of energy between objects of different temperature.
What are Ions?
Electricaly charged particles.