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What is Realism?
Creating objective representations of the world based on the impartial representations of contemporary life
What did Whistler do?
Portrait of the Artists Mother
Who is Jean-Francois Millet?
limited color, grew up on farm, experimented with Impressionism
What did Millet do?
Woman Baking Bread
The Gleaners
Who is Edouard Manet?
Influential 19th cnetury painter, began w genre sujects, vivid brushwork
What did Manet do?
The Bar at Folies and The Picnic
What is Impressionism?
Gives a general "impression" of a scene/subject. Uses unmixed primary colors, small brush strokes to simulate actual reflected light, objective scenes of realism
Who is Claude Monet?
founder of Impressionist movement, influenced by Manet, often did landscapes, bright colors, contemporary middle class life
What did Monet do? (not Manet)
On the Seine at Bennecourt, The Water Lilies
Who is Mary Cassatt?
American. Helped bring impressionism to America, usually women and children
What did Cassatt do?
painted The Child's Bath and The Boating Party
Who is Pierre-Auguste Renoir?
Worked in a porcelain factory as a child. Liveley and warm, unsurpassed in representing feminine grace
What did Renoir do?
The Theater Box, Le Moulin de la Galette
Who is Edgar Degas?
grew up in aristocracy, influenced by Japanese prints and Ingres, cropped angles, asymmetrical, theatrical subjects
What did Degas do?
The Star, Ballet Rehearsal on Stage
What is Neo-Impressionism?
stricter and more formal than impressionism in composition and employed pointillism
What is Pointillism?
Painting with ltos of lil dots that blend
What did Seurat do?
That painting at the park wth all th8e peeps and umbrellas. "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte"
Who is Paul Cezanne?
often called the "father of modern art", not very successful during lfteime, into geometric shapes, "modulated" color
What did Cezanne do?
Mont Sainte-Victoire
Who is Paul Gauguin?
"synthetism", direct influence of Fauvism, influence by Medieval Stained glass, Japanese prints, art of the tropics, lush color, flat 2D forms
What did Gauguin do?
La Orana Maria
Who is Vincent van Gogh?
spontaneous, influenced Expressionism, painted outdoors, color form brush, sold one painting during his lifetime
What did van Gogh do?
12 Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Wheatfield with Crows
Who is Pablo Picasso?
considered greatest artists of the 20th century, was painter and sculpotor, invented lots. Created more than 20,000 works. 1st living artist to have an exhibition at the Louvre
What did Picasso do (Blue Period)?
Portrait of the Artist Mother, Mother and Infant,
The Old Guitarist
What did Picasso do (Rose Period)?
Harlequin with Glass, Acrobat and Young Harlequin
What is Cubism?
influenced by Cezanne and African tribal art. Geometric schema and cubes, core of style is to view an object from all sides spontaneously
What is Expressionism?
began in Germany, intention is not to reproduce subject, but to portray it in such a way as to express the inner state of the artist
What did Beckman do?
Christ and the Women Taken in Adultery, The Night
What is Abstract Expressionism?
characterized by the view that art is nonrepresentational and chiefly improvisational
What did Kandinsky do?
Improvisation No 31. ("Sea Battle")
WHo is Georges Bizet?
choral music, cantatas, keyboard pieces, French Opera composer, Exoticism
What is Exoticism?
music from other countries
What did Bizet do?
MUSIC: Carmen, "Habanera"
Who is Claude Debussy?
influenced 20th century music, father of Impressionistic music, wrote all kinds of crap. Influenmced by Chopin, Wagner and Eastern Music
What did Debussy do?
MUSIC: Prelude to the ASfternoon of a Faun