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The equalibrium constant allows us to predict what 2 things
1. the direction in which a reaction mixture will proceede 2. calculate the concentrations of rcts and prods when equal. is reached
What is the reaction quotient?
the resulut of substituting product concent or PP into an Keq expression (Q)
What does it mean when 1. Q>Keq and 2. Q<Keq?
1.The reaction achieves equal. by forming more reactants 2. Visa versa
When does the reaction quot. equal the Keq?
at equalibrium
What is LeChatelier's principle?
If a system at equal. is disturbed by a change in T, P, or Concentration of one of the components, the system will shift its equal. position to counteract the effect
What are three ways a chem equal can be disturbed?
adding a rct or prod, changing the P, changing the T
A system at equal. is in what kind of state?
Dynamic: the forward and reverse proccess are occuring at equal rates
system is balanced
How can a system reduce its pressure to return balance (return to equal)?
reduce the total nimber of gas molecules
What occurs by reducing the volume of a gaseous equalibrium mixture?
causes the system to shift in the direction that reduces the number of moles of gas. (conversly increasing volume causes increase gas molecules)
What effect do pressure-volume changes have on the value of Keg?
The do not have any effect as ling as the T remains constant
They DO change the PP of gaseous substances
Changes in the Concentrations or PP Cause what?
A shift in the equalibrium without changing the value of the Keq
How can the total Pressure of a rxn be changed without changing the volume?
Adding a gas that is not involved with the equalibrium.
When temp is increased in a endothermic what happens to the equalibrium
the equalibrium shifts to the right in the direction of the products, Keq increases.
(Heating an exothermic causes a shift to left)
Cooling a Endothermic reaction has what effect on the equal.?
shift to the left, decreasing Keq
(cooling an exothermic causes a shift to the right)
What does a catalyst do?
Lowers the activation barrier betwwen reactants and products. (activation e is lowered in both forward and backward reactions, increases both reaction rates)
Overall, what does a catalyst do?
increases the rate of which equalib. is achived. Does not change the composition of the equal mixture
How are Catalysts important economically
make it possible to more repidly obtain equal at lower T