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These send and receive messages.
Which action is controlled by the brainstem?
A) breathing
B) walking
C) balancing
D) seeing
A) breathing
Which action is voluntary?
A) smiling
B) chewing
C) talking
D) breathing
D) breathing
Which type of nerve cell carries messages away from the brain and spinal cord?
motor nerve cell
Connecting nerve cells are located in the ____________________.
spinal cord
Which of these is a function of sensory nerve cells?
A) carrying messages from the brain
B) sending messages to muscles
C) picking up messages from outside the body
D) carrying messages from the spinal cord
C) picking up messages from outside the body
Which body activity is mostly controlled by the endocrine system?
A) memory
B) movement
C) growth
D) vision
C) growth
Insulin is produced by the ___________.
Endocrine glands produce chemicals called ________________.
Many drugs are used by doctors to help
A) treat diseases
B) improve looks
C) stop hunger
D) slow reaction times
A) treat diseases
Which kind of drug slows down the nervous system and causes drowsiness?
Which part of the nervous system is located in the skin?
nerve cells
A baseball player swings and hits a ball. The part of the brain that helps the player's eyes and muscles work together is caled the ________________.
Which response is a reflex?
A) pulling your hand away after toucing something hot
B) digesting food after a big meal
C) increasing your heart rate when you are scared
D) laughing at a funny joke
A) pulling your hand away after touching something hot
Which is a way drugs are abused?
A) reading the directions for a cough medicine
B) drinking alcohol before driving a car
C) following a doctor's instructions for a painkiller
D) taking an aspirin to get rid of pain
B) drinking alcohol before driving a car
Suppose you drank several cups of tea or cola at night. Which effect would you most likely feel?
difficulty fallin asleep