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to divide and share
reform act of 1832
lowered the property qualifications and gave more middle class men a right to vote
were not able to vote
important reform group of the working class that proposed political changes. wrote a document A PEOPLES CHARTER
the anti-corn law
limited the importation of foreign grain. 1815.
queen victoria
came to rule in 1837 at the age of 18 and reigned for 64 years.
william gladstone and
served for liberals
benjamin disraeli
served for conservatives
favored parliamentary action over strikes and demonstrations
pankhurst and daughters
developed the wspu
women who wanted the right to vote
charles stewart parnell
seeking a debate on home rule
home rule
self government
canada, austrialia, new zealand
sought self government
americans loyal to great britain during the american revolution
lord durham
urged granting virtual sel- government to canada.
self-governing territory owning alligence to the british king and queen.
the aborigines
orinal people of austrailia
the maori
original inhabitants of new zealand
charles X
set out to restore absolute monarchy
nobles who favored the return of the old order
the citizen king
louis phillipe, because he dressed and behaved like a middle class person
coup d' e`at
quick seizure of power
a national vote
general george boulanger
won support from royalists and others who opposed the republic.
alfred dreyfus
a french military officer who was convicted of selling military secrets to germans