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Private police force hired by employers to break up strikes.
inventor who developed the idea of a central electrical power station
location of labor rally that turned into a riot after someone threw a bomb inot a police formation
Haymarket Square
location of a strike at Carnegie steel plant that resulted in violence
inventor who established American Telephone and Telegrah company
industrialist who preached "Gospel of Wealth"
political radicals who oppose all government
strike breakers who replace striking workers
made the idustrial growth of the late 1800's possible
technological changes
symbol of American ingenuity
building of Brooklyn bridge
vertical consolidation
controlling all phases off the steel business
industrialists of big business usually admired
philanthropic activities
growing discontent among workers
increased interest in the labor movement
a group of small unions, each devoted to a single craft
american federation of labor
caused favtory workers to endure hash conditions in late 1800's
ample supply of available workers
affected the distribution of weatlth by
putting the wealth in the hands of a few industriults
was not a direct effect of the invention and aplication of electricity
wider use of trusts and cartels
employers sometimes replace striking workers with other workers called
according to this, as more items are prduced the cost per item goes down
economy of scale
the philosophy that advocates collective or government ownership of property is called
the american federation fo labor wanted employers to participate in
collective bargaining
political radicals who poopse goverment are called
the merger of 2 or more businesses that sell the same product is an example of
when a company has no competition for the marketing of its product the company is said to have created a