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Where was the site of the Bear Flag Republic?
Claims to the Oregon Country wre most actively made by the US and .....
Great Britain
Who was the tejano who fought at the battle of San Jacinto?
Juan Seguin
Who discovered a pass through the Sierra Nevada?
James Beckwourth
Who was the minister to Mexico who arranged land purchase?
James Gadsen
What was the name of the settlers in the Oregon Country?
mountain men
What was the western boundary of the Oregon Country?
Pacific Ocean
What was the name of the first American Settlement on the Pacific coast?
In the summer mountain men headed to a meeting place called the....
The annexation of Texas was opposed by the...
Northern Abolitionists
Which 1844 presidential candidate declaired, "Fifty-four forty or fight"?
James K. Polk
The Mexican Cession included present day...
John Fremount urged Americans in California to revolt against...
The Mormons went to Utah to seek....
religious freedom
In 1846 the United States declaired war on...
Where did the Oregon Trail begin?
Independence, Missouri
Who was the Missouri bussinessman who planned a colony on the Brazos River?
Moses Austin
Chinatown developed in...
San Francisco
Law without judge or jury is called...
vigilante justice
Who was the defender of the Alamo?
Jim Bowie