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Why were the Catholics and Protestants fighting so much from 1540-1660?
Why was this period one of the most turbulent in English History?
reformation restroyed religious unity, Protestants and catholics pop. doubled, causing inflation and starvation, province's rights ingnored
What was the Peace of Augsburg?
end to German religious wars - tolerant of each other (Lutherans and Catholics)
French Wars pitted what two groups against one another?
Calvinists and Catholics
What was the role of Henry of Navarre (Henry IV)?
made catholicism official religion of France but calvinists could worship too. people loved him
what was the edic of Nantes?
ended French religious wars of religion, established some righs for protests, but catholicism was official religion of france.
revolt in the netherlands - what was the role of william the silent? the duke of alva?
William the silent fought to free ntherlands from Catholic ule under the spanish. duke of alva creates council of blood to fight radical protestants
what was the spanish armada? what happened to it?
Spanish Navy - was beat by england "unbeatable"

beaten because english wanted part in trade by sea
who was involved in the thirty years wat?
catholics vs. protestants
what was the peace of westphalia?
resolution to 30 years war
Spain declines for what reasons after these religious wars?
trade down, money fown, losy money, trade, and colonies
define limited monarch
monarch with influence from parliament
what was "The Restoration" in english history?
restoration of the monarchy under conditions set by parliament