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What was enjoyed by enslaved people in cities who were hired out?
freedom of movement
Where did most slaves work?
What was a slaves life like?
hard labor, cruel disipline, and isolation.
What was the arguement by the South for slavery?
labor supply
What could 'prove' slavery was 'acceptable' for the South?
Science and the Bible.
Many hoped that this would provide a permanent soulution to the slavery issue...
The Compromise of 1850
What was opposed by Northerners?
Fugitive Slave Laws
What could be taken as proof of identity of a runaway slave?
Just the word of the slaveholder
What right in court did slaves not have?
The right to testify
These were passed by free state legitslatures that nullified the Fugitive Slave Laws forbidding state officials to assist in the capturing of runaways...
Personal Liberty Laws
What novel aroused anti-slavery feelings?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Who was the author who portrayed slavery at its worst?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
This encouraged the rapid settlement of the trans-Missouri region and the building of a transcontinental railroad...
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
What were the 2 terminals for the transcontinental railroad?
St. Louis and also Chicago
What were the two territories the region was divided into?
Nebraska and Kansas
How was the slavery question decided in the new territories?
popular sovereignty
What was negated by this new law?
The Compromise of 1820
Who proposed this new law?
Stephen A. Douglas
What was the name given to the place in which this violence occured, peaking in 1856
"Bleeding Kansas"
What were the 2 new parties that appeared?
The American and the Republicans
What party broke up because of the slavery issue?
WHIG party
Which party was composed of the Know-Nothings and some ex- Whigs who tried to divert attention away from the slavery issue to the anti-immigrant issue.
Who was the American candidate?
Former president Millard Fillmore